How to deal with the failure of the automatic image measuring instrument when it is used?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-15

In the process of using automatic image measuring instruments, you will inevitably encounter such problems. The faults frequently seen by automatic image measuring instruments are divided into lifting transmission fault, workbench fault, projection screen fault, projection imaging fault, image imaging fault, electrical fault, electronic fault and accuracy fault. The following introduces several common faults and treatment methods. 1. The projection screen is faulty. When it rotates, it makes a sound, which can remove impurities such as rust on the end surface and replace the positioning bearing. The friction force is very high when rotating, you can loosen the lock screw or change the friction force. If the rotation is uneven, please replace the dial seat, friction wheel, friction wheel shaft, etc. When the projection screen rotates without counting, you can tighten the angle friction device, weld the signal line, connect the plug, etc. 2. There is no image in the image area of u200bu200bthe automatic image measuring instrument, and the image is blue: It may be that the video input cable is not inserted correctly. Insert the video input cable into the video input port of the video card at the back of the computer host. Or the video input signal setting is not correct. 3.1 Click the menu, the image video standard setting 2 Place the mouse in the image window area, click the right mouse button, and then select the video standard setting from the pop-up menu... In the standard setting dialog box, only The image input mode needs to be changed. There are three 4. Electronic failure. If the button of the electrical box fails, you can clean the system and replace with a new mask; if the axis does not count, the slider or OP board or the entire Ruler, reconnect the signal line, replace the motherboard, and so on. If the digital tube has no stroke, it needs to be 5. The count in the data area of u200bu200bthe automatic image measuring instrument is abnormal. This may be caused by the poor connection of the RS232 or grating ruler signal line. Unplug the RS232 signal line and the grating ruler signal line, and then reinsert it. well. Or the system setting is incorrect, causing no counting. Set the linear compensation value of each axis according to the method in the manual; usually, there are many reasons for abnormal counting. These reasons are poor signal line contact or incorrect system settings. 1 Unplug the signal cable of the computer. Grating ruler and insert it again; 2 enter the system settings, menu-> system-> system settings, open the display parameter setting dialog box, follow the correct instructions to set the resolution of each digital axis; 3 enter the system settings, menu-> system-> system settings, open the display parameter setting dialog box, select the correct number of decimal places according to the resolution of each axis.

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