How to deal with the zero drift of the rally machine

by:Sinowon     2021-07-16
How to deal with the zero drift of the rally machine
The sensor of the tensile machine is the core component of the whole machine, and it is the key to record the force value changes in the whole test process. If the sensor is inaccurate or the error is large, the accuracy and reliability of the entire test data will be greatly reduced. The zero drift of the sensor and its causes and solutions. What is the zero drift of the sensor? The concept of zero drift (zero drift) can be described as: when the input signal of the amplifying circuit is zero (that is, there is no AC input), due to temperature changes, power supply voltage instability and other factors, the static operating point changes and is The phenomenon that the voltage at the output terminal of the circuit deviates from the original fixed value and drifts up and down due to the step-by-step amplification and transmission is also referred to as zero drift. For our sensors, temperature or other reasons will cause the sensor to change the reference zero point in the detection, deviating from the zero point position, which is called zero point drift. Usually it can be cleared or compensated before detection, or it can be automatically corrected by zero compensation. In order to reduce the drift, it can also be solved by stabilizing the ambient temperature. How should we deal with the zero drift of the rally machine? For the tensile machine with digital display of test force and deformation, the national standard stipulates that: in the non-loaded state, the display value of test force and deformation should be 0, but consider the influence of sensors and electronic components on data collection. The deformation display cannot be the zero point. This phenomenon is zero drift. Eliminating the following problems can basically solve the problem of zero drift of the tension machine sensor. 1. Check whether the tensile machine is well grounded, and the signal instability is mainly caused by the testing machine; 2. Check whether the wiring method of the sensor is correct; 3. Check whether the installation method of the sensor is correct, it will directly affect the instability of the data; 4. Check There are strong currents or other sources of interference around the instrument; the above is the introduction of how to deal with the zero drift of the tensile machine. Friendly reminder: If there is anything unclear, please pay attention to the relevant sales and technical personnel of the testing machine, and the whole testing machine The staff will serve you wholeheartedly!

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