How to detect and repair the height measuring instrument of automatic image measuring instrument?

by:Sinowon     2021-04-24

How to check and repair the height measuring instrument of the automatic image measuring instrument? Instrumentation is suitable for all kinds of production enterprises, and is widely used in electronic production enterprises. Many electronic products undergo instrument testing before they leave the factory. Instruments such as image measuring instruments detect electronic components. Instrument testing can reduce the chance of waste and defective products, and can improve the quality of enterprise products. However, the detection of instruments and meters is also very important. The following advanced measuring instruments provide several commonly used instrument maintenance methods: First, the observation method: The first commonly used method is to observe the instrument, use sight, smell, touch, hearing, etc., to see if the instrument has a burnt smell and whether there are spots , Whether there is noise. Generally speaking, burnt utensils will have an unpleasant smell, which is easy to smell. If the chip is short-circuited, it will feel hot. You can see the broken place with your eyes. Sometimes you can hear unusual noises from the machine. These may be problems with the instrument. Secondly, restart method: If the operation of the instrument is bad or suspended, you can turn off the instrument, restart it, plug in the power switch, etc., or click on the fault location of the instrument and restart it. After restarting, check whether the instrument can operate normally. If possible, it means that the instrument is in poor contact or the power supply is poorly connected.

Automatic image measuring instrument temperature adjustment method: Due to seasonal reasons, the temperature is sometimes too high or too low, which may affect the instrument. If the instrument is turned off after a failure, it will restart after a period of time, and fail after a period of normal operation. Repeatedly, this phenomenon may be caused by some parts of the instrument that cannot be used normally due to the increase in temperature during operation, and can be cooled with absolute ethanol. For low temperatures, the indoor working environment temperature can be adjusted. Fourth, the troubleshooting method: When the instrument fails, part of the internal board or equipment can be unplugged. If the instrument returns to normal after unplugging the device, it means that the unplugged part has a problem and needs to be replaced. Replacement method: If you know the faulty equipment of the instrument, or you are not sure whether there is a problem with a certain component, you can check whether the fault is eliminated by replacing the same new equipment. Comparison method: If you have the necessary equipment, such as a multimeter, an oscilloscope, etc., and there are two types of instruments of the same type, then you can perform some comparison tests, such as waveform comparison, voltage comparison, current comparison, output comparison, etc. Run the normal instrument and the instrument under test under the same conditions, and then measure and compare the data. If there are differences in some places, problems are likely to occur. Fault flow chart method: According to the fault flow chart, eliminate one by one to narrow down the scope of the fault. It is not necessary to use the same type of instrument to compare and test the same conditions. It is more convenient and quicker to check the signal through signal comparison and component exchange.

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