How to distinguish between image measuring machine and coordinate measuring machine?

by:Sinowon     2021-04-29
How to distinguish between image measuring machine and coordinate measuring machine? Published: 2019-08-20 Source: Image measuring instruments and coordinate measuring machines are both precision measuring equipment commonly used in the industrial field, but there are essential differences between the two. Their respective measurement advantages belong to two complementary high-precision measuring instruments. How to distinguish between an image measuring instrument and a coordinate measuring machine? Different measurement dimensions: As the name suggests, the three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine performs measurement based on the three-dimensional coordinate values u200bu200bof the points. Because each point in the space coordinate system has only * coordinate values, the measurement accuracy of the three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine is very high. The image measuring instrument uses optical imaging technology to obtain a two-dimensional image of the workpiece, and then performs precise measurement, so the measured features of the workpiece are generally only on a two-dimensional plane. The measurement method is different: the coordinate measuring machine uses the probe to contact the workpiece to obtain the three-dimensional coordinate value of the contact point. Each time the coordinate of the point is obtained, it must be obtained by contact. It is a contact measurement tool. The image measuring instrument is completely different. It uses an optical lens to obtain images for measurement. The process is like a camera. It is not used for contact with the workpiece at all. It is a non-contact measurement tool. The main measurement workpiece types are different: due to the different measurement methods of the three-coordinate measuring machine and the image measuring instrument, the types of their main measurement workpieces are also different. Although the accuracy of the three-coordinate measuring instrument is higher than that of the image measuring instrument, the measurement method that must be in contact with the workpiece makes it powerless in the measurement of small, thin and soft workpieces. The image measuring instrument for non-contact measurement has unique advantages. For some workpieces that require three-dimensional measurement or require relatively high measurement accuracy, the image measuring instrument has also become incompetent, and a three-coordinate measuring instrument is required to perform better. OK to complete the measurement. Therefore, the three-coordinate measuring instrument and the image measuring instrument are two complementary high-precision measuring instruments. Both the image measuring instrument and the three-coordinate measuring machine can measure the product's various dimensions, angles, positions and other geometric tolerances. They can exert the advantages of efficient and accurate detection in their respective application fields, and jointly promote the manufacturing industry to a higher level. In the direction of precision, at present, Miaoji Technology can provide a variety of high-quality image measuring instruments, three-coordinate measuring machines, one-button measuring instruments and other testing equipment!
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