How to ensure the measurement accuracy and improve the detection efficiency when programming the image measuring instrument

by:Sinowon     2021-05-01

As a rapid 3D inspection device that replaces traditional three-coordinate measuring instruments, the image measuring instrument is characterized by no actual contact with the product, and accurate geometric measurement by grasping the boundary features and surface of the product. But after having a good image measuring instrument, how to ensure the accuracy of the measurement product?

1 Ensure that the image measuring instrument is within the effective calibration period: the image measuring device will have a marked measurement uncertainty when it leaves the factory, and this uncertainty represents the range of errors that may occur in the actual measurement of the product. However, whether the equipment can still measure the product with sufficient accuracy after a period of use requires an annual calibration certificate to ensure. Generally, image measuring instruments are the same as traditional three-coordinate measuring instruments. They use annual accuracy calibration methods. The equipment manufacturer or authorized calibration agency uses standard parts that can be traced to international standards to perform calibration and provide reports. Whether the measurement accuracy meets the standard depends on the specific value of the accuracy report. Of course, you can also ask a third-party calibration agency to perform accuracy verification and OEM, but this process is not necessary because it cannot guarantee the accuracy of the return of the device after deviation.

2 Familiar with parts drawings and measurement requirements: The procedure of the image measuring instrument is the same as the three-coordinate programming method, and the geometric tolerances are evaluated on the coordinate basis. Therefore, combining the measurement requirements and the reference position, place the parts and measure as many sizes as possible in a visit position, which improves the inspection efficiency. For the feature boundary or plane that becomes the reference, if it has good boundary conditions and flatness, the measurement position and repeatability of the remaining features will also be well guaranteed. In addition, the programmer of the imager needs to be familiar with the boundary position of the corresponding product drawing to prevent wrong boundary detection.

3 Positioning in the preparation work before programming: In order to ensure the batch use of the measurement program, it is necessary to locate the workpiece first, find stable features, and find the origin, axial and The zero value is high. Recording and ensuring consistency is an essential element to achieve batch measurement.

4 Accumulation of experience in image measurement: For different product boundaries, different light sources and light intensities, such as contour edges, weak edges, chamfers, etc., need to be coordinated with different product boundaries. The measurement personnel of image measuring instruments need to continuously accumulate experience.

5 Optimization of the image measurement program: According to the measurement needs, according to the measurement magnification, the measurement route is planned and rationally planned, so that the measurement platform can complete the measurement in an orderly manner according to the arrangement sequence or path or clockwise or counterclockwise. It is possible to reduce the measurement time of a single piece

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