How to Hang a Suspended Ceiling From Steel Beams

by:Sinowon     2020-01-20
The suspended ceiling hangs under the roof or floor structure above, hiding ugly mechanical and electrical equipment from the view, while also allowing you to easily reach these equipment as needed.While wooden frames usually support such ceilings, in rooms where metal frames are used instead of traditional wood, you can also hang ceilings from steel beams.Hanging the ceiling from the beam requires you to use a special clip to connect the support line to the beam without compromising its structural integrity.Measure 4 inch down from the bottom of the lowest beam, pipe or pipe in the ceiling space.If you plan to use panel fluorescent lamps in your ceiling, add an additional 2 inch to this measurement.Make a mark on the wall indicating the location of the facade.Set up a laser level to extend the mark you made on the wall to the entire wall length.Draw a chalk line on the wall to mark the position.Mark all four walls repeatedly with chalk lines indicating the height of the ceiling.Install L-Form along the length of the four chalk lines.Nail L with 6d-Forming of each wall column (assuming the bolt is wood );Approved screws are used for metal bolts ).Cut the mold with tin as needed.Insert the main runner or trunk line into L-The width of the room is formed every 2 feet.Keep each main in a continuous part and cut it only to fit L-Formed at both ends of the room.Place the power supply in a position perpendicular to the steel beam.Use hanging lines placed about every 4 feet m in length to support each body.Fix the beam clip on the beam net, and then feed the wire through the opening in the clip.Wrap the wire three times to ensure a safe connection.If no steel beam is directly above the main body, fix the hanging line to the ceiling or deck where the wires need to be placed.Fix the eye bolt expansion anchor on the concrete deck using a powder drive fastener or drive the suspended ceiling eye bolt onto the wooden deck.In these locations you will need to use longer hanging lines to keep the ceiling even supported.Quickly cross T between power supplies to form a grid.If you plan to use 2-1, take T every 2 feetby-If you plan to use 2 watts or every 4 feet Wattsby-4 tile.If indicated by the manufacturer or required by the local code, T is supported every 4 feet of the suspension line is used.Use the beam fixture to connect the wire to the net of the steel beam, or use the bolt to fix the hanger wire directly to the ceiling as needed.Tilt each ceiling tile to fit it into the grid and then let it rest on the power and T.Use a sharp tool knife to cut tiles as needed.
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