How to Install Base Kitchen Cabinets on an Uneven Floor

by:Sinowon     2020-01-19
One of the basic elements of cabinet installation --Whether you\'re talking about upper cabinets that make up the ground floor or lower cabinetsThey must be installed horizontally so that the doors can be opened and closed normally.Unfortunately, not all houses are built horizontally and there will always be discrepancies in this area, such as uneven floors.Thankfully, these are just minor issues that can be solved by using some woodworking techniques.Set up a ladder somewhere in the middle of the room.Set the laser level at the top of the ladder.Adjust the height of the laser by using an adjustable bracket (if your Holder has one) or using a normal home object to help bring the laser to the desired height.For example, place the laser level on a few books, or on a bowl on a ladder.The laser level is set according to the height of the base cabinet.Measure the distance from the floor to the laser line.Measure the entire perimeter of the room using a tape measure.Check every 18 to 24 inch or every 12 inch if you wish.Use the measured value of the floor to check against the laser level to determine the \"high\" point along the floor along the wall where the highest uneven part exists.Use the highest \"peak\" as a reference point for the overall cabinet installation, as the low \"valley\" can be shaken.After determining the highest point on the floor, adjust the laser level.Raise the laser so that the new horizontal line corresponds to the height of the cabinet.This laser line is the guide to keep the top level of the basic cabinet, even at the low point.Nail on the wall, discover with studs.Mark their vertical position with 4-A pencil and a foot.Draw a vertical line along the wall nail and divide the horizontal line from the laser height.Use these plumps to guide the screw position of the mounting Cabinet.Take your first cabinet box to the wall.Use the laser line to help guide your installation to maintain the top level of the box.Drill through the back of the cabinet.Use the vertical pencil line as a guide to pass the screws through the cabinets, drywall and wall posts.Set the next cabinet box next to the first cabinet, use the horizontal line of the laser to maintain the second cabinet box level of the first cabinet box.Install it the same way as step 6.Repeat this process for all basic cabinets until the installation is complete.As needed, make additional adjustments by hammer the Cedar gasket under the base cabinet.Also, fill in any low point/void with Cedar spacers to make the base cabinet more than just wooden screws that support the countertop.
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