How to maintain and maintain the impact testing machine?

by:Sinowon     2021-07-20
How to maintain and maintain the impact testing machine?
The pendulum impact testing machine is a common mechanical testing equipment, and it is now more and more used in scientific research and testing units. So how should the pendulum impact testing machine be repaired and maintained? Today the technician will take you to understand this equipment. 1. The pendulum should be removed during the moving process to avoid shaking and damaging other parts of the machine. 2. Do not put the unused pendulum and accessories together to prevent the pendulum rod from being deformed due to pressure. 3. The parts of the pendulum shall not be disassembled or replaced at will, so as to avoid changes in the pendulum torque and the position of the striking center. 4. If it is found that the operating mechanism is not working, the pendulum cannot be hung or the latch cannot be disengaged, the relevant parts can be removed and cleaned with kerosene, coated with a little lubricating oil, and reinstalled in the original position. 5. Under normal circumstances, the pointer should point to the zero position of the dial after the air strike, and the computer displays 0.01J. If the pointer deviates from the zero position more than 0.1% of the corresponding pendulum impact energy after the air strike, the calculation display is not 0, then Check the following points: Whether the test machine is level, whether the pointer position is adjusted and tightened correctly, whether the pendulum rod is bent and deformed, whether the friction of the test machine is increased, so as to avoid axial movement of the ball bearing and pendulum shaft. Whether there are signs of wear on the work surface of the pendulum bolt and pendulum hook. The distance between the magnetic roller and the armature of the jaw type electromagnetic clutch is not suitable. If the three steel balls on the iron-embedded end face contact the magnetic roller end face in the case of power failure, the friction will increase. The distance between the two is 1.2~2mm It is appropriate that it has been adjusted before leaving the factory and no adjustment is required. 6. Pendulum failure may be caused by the motor belt being too loose and the electromagnetic clutch malfunctioning. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the belt tightness, repair the electromagnetic clutch, and eliminate the malfunction. The above is a summary of the common faults and maintenance methods of the pendulum impact testing machine for everyone. I hope to help you! Or you can also consult the sales technicians to answer in detail for you. Welcome new and old customers to visit the factory!

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