How to measure the tensile force of the testing machine

by:Sinowon     2021-07-25
How to measure the tensile force of the testing machine

The tensile force is not an accurate value after being measured by the testing machine, and subsequent calculations are required to get the desired value. It is more cumbersome to calculate the tensile force value, so in order to simplify the complex and cumbersome calculation procedures, the test The machine came into being. How does the testing machine measure the tensile force? With this question, let's take a look at the following content.   The calculation of the force value of the testing machine is mainly based on the force value of the testing area of u200bu200bthe testing machine. First, put the test product to be measured on the workbench, and let the testing machine perform the stretching operation on the tensile specimen at the speed of the GB/T228-2002 standard specification. At this time, an extensometer or strain gauge should be installed on its surface, so that the testing machine will continue to stretch the tensile specimen. The extensometer or strain gauge will display the tensile strength of the tensile specimen, and then the extension can be extended. The amount is converted into a tensile value, and then compared with the value displayed on the dial of the testing machine, and the calculation of the testing machine is determined according to the difference of the comparison value.    This method of comparison can also be related to Hooke's law. Calculation, this method of comparison can help to find the accuracy of the testing machine, and it can also simplify the cumbersome process due to multiple operations, which not only improves the test efficiency, but also the test results are more credible.
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