How to Restore Shine to Shower Tile

by:Sinowon     2020-03-14
Dirty shower tiles make the bathroom spotless.Soap slag reduces the appearance of tiles and stone tiles if allowed to pile up.The cleaning and polishing of the shower tiles not only lights up the bathroom, but also promotes a cleaner and more hygienic environment.A variety of technologies, from natural methods to heavyThe Duty chemical solution helps restore luster to the dim shower tiles.All-Purpose mesh cleaning pad is the preferred tile washer for many professional household cleaners.When you use the mesh side of the sponge, these do not damage sensitive tiles and are particularly effective in grabbing and removing stubborn soap dirt.First gently flip over the tiles with a cleaning pad to loosen the soap slag and mineral deposits.Ultra-slim cloth can also be used at critical moments.Avoid the use of sand sponge, such as steel wool refining pad.While these may eliminate soap slag, they can permanently scratch the surface of the shower tile and in March.Spray the entire surface of the shower with your favorite bathtub and tile cleaner, focusing on areas where the tiles look particularly dull or dim.Soak the tiles for at least five minutes--If possible.The longer facial cleanser has a chance to work, the more successful it will be to conquer caked-On the sand and dirt, wash between the shower tiles.Grouting provides a common hiding place for mold, mold and soap slag, thus completely saturating the tiles and grouting with a cleaning solution.If you prefer natural products, do it yourself.Friendly cleanser with white vinegar can counter alkaline water deposition.Soak a few paper towels with vinegar, place them for a few minutes and scrub them.This may take several applications, but it provides an effective way to restore the gloss.When the solution penetrates in, you should see that it starts to remove dirt and dirt.Use your mesh-Cleaning pads, ultra-slim or hard cloth-Bristles help the cleaner finish the work by scrubbing the tiles until they glow.Repeat the process as needed depending on the status of the shower.After the tile has no mold, mildew and other sundries, rinse with hot water to remove any residual soap residue.After each shower, keep the tiles dry to prevent the accumulation of soap slag and mineral deposits in hard water, and the hard water is dry in place.Prevent soap spots againAfter the cleaning is completed, the tiles are formed by thoroughly drying the shower;In the process, you enhance the appeal and natural luster of the shower tiles without causing the regeneration of dull, ugly residues.
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