Hydraulic universal testing machine test steps and oil pump debugging

by:Sinowon     2021-07-10
Hydraulic universal testing machine test steps and oil pump debugging

Hydraulic universal testing machine A hydraulic material testing machine that can perform various tests such as tension, compression, and bending. The hydraulic universal testing machine is used for tensile, compression, bending and shear tests of various metal and non-metal materials, as well as special tests of some products. The test operation and data processing comply with GB228-2010 'Room Temperature Materials'
Metal Tensile Test Method' and other standards. Let me introduce to you the test steps of the hydraulic universal testing machine and the oil pump debugging.

1. Test steps of hydraulic universal testing machine

1. Connect the power cord, press the 'Power' button, the indicator light is on.

2. Select the range according to the sample specification.

3. According to the test shape and size, fit the corresponding jaws into the upper and lower jaw seats.

4. Turn on the oil pump and unscrew the oil delivery valve to raise the platen about 10mm, and then close the oil delivery valve. If the platen is already in the raised position, there is no need to open the oil valve to send oil first, just close the oil valve.

5. Clamp one end of the test in the upper jaw. For models equipped with hydraulic chucks, press the 'tighten' button on the oil control box to clamp the sample.

6. Start the lifting and electric adjustment of the test space, and clamp the sample vertically. For models equipped with hydraulic chucks, press the down button on the control box to clamp the test vertically.

7. According to the afterburner speed required by the test, slowly unscrew the oil delivery valve to add force. After the test breaks, close the oil delivery valve. If the interval between the next group is relatively long, the oil pump should be stopped.

8. Take down the test test. For models equipped with hydraulic chucks, first the 'Send' button to loosen the upper jaws, and then press the 'Send down' button to loosen the lower jaws, and then remove the test.

9. After the test, disconnect the power cord.

2. Oil pump debugging of hydraulic universal testing machine

Press the button on the dynamometer table to start or stop the rotation of the hydraulic universal test oil pump. When operating for the first time after installation or changing the wire connection, observe the direction of the sheave wheel and check the direction of the fuel tank before starting Check whether the oil circuit of the oil pump is connected. If it is not connected, properly tighten the connecting thread between the oil tank and the oil pipe so that the oil can enter the oil pump.

When the oil pump is running for the first time, first remove the side cover of the dynamometer and observe whether the oil flowing back to the oil tank from the oil delivery valve is intermittent. If this happens, loosen the M8 plug on the oil pump to remove air. Then observe whether the oil returning to the oil tank is intermittent. If this phenomenon occurs again, unscrew the hexagonal screw on the end of the oil pump, and use the wire hook to move the steel ball of the oil outlet valve in the oil pump to observe whether the steel ball is beating (the oil pump is running) Bottom) After the steel ball moves, screw on the hexagonal screw and the oil pump will work normally.

Air may enter the pipe after the oil cylinder is connected, which will affect the unsteady movement of the pointer. The solution is to turn on the oil pump, close the oil return valve, and open the oil supply valve to raise the main working piston for a certain distance, and then open the The valve allows the oil pump to pass through the oil return valve through the working oil cylinder and return to the oil tank, so that the internal air can be drained after a period of circulation.

Mechanical equipment is essentially the same. Only by mastering the correct methods for the coordinated operation of different components can the entire experimental process be smoother and the experimental data more accurate. The above is the test of the hydraulic universal testing machine. The steps and related introduction of oil pump debugging, I hope it can help you.

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