I wanted to write a quick Zenni Optical Review

by:Sinowon     2020-05-21
I had been wearing glasses and contacts for over 20 years and had always bought my contact lenses and glasses through my optometrist's office or Hakim Optical. For the most part of the day, I wore my contacts, but always needed glasses to interchange when my eyes got red, tired and dry. When started a program to increase my vision naturally, my eyesight was improving and I was unwilling to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade my eyewear every few months. I looked into buying glasses online and chose to purchase from ZenniOptical after having read many positive Zenni Optical reviews from others who had tried them. I have to admit, the process was super easy. My first time buying glasses online, it took me 40 minutes in total and that's because I must have tried on at least 100 frames on the picture of myself that I had uploaded. Once you're on the site, you can choose the price range you're interested in with an easy to use slider bar. ZenniOptical offers frames starting at $6 up to $48. After you select your price range you can then select your gender and the styles you like. Once you've made the decision which glasses look best on your face, then it brings you to the checkout screen where you input your prescription or eye Rx details. If you're having difficulty, there are easy explanation and also a live chat representative available 24-7. ZenniOptical also offers a toll free number you can call if you want to speak with someone live. My biggest concern was how the glasses were going to feel on my face once I received them. Because this was a worry the first time around, I ended up ordering 2 pairs of glasses for a grand total of $64. When then were delivered 9 days later, I couldn't have been more pleased. They were comfortable, fashionable and I didn't notice any quality difference in comparison to the glasses I had purchased in the past for over $200 a pair. The only thing I wasn't impressed with was the case the glasses came in. Although very sturdy plastic, it looked cheap. I would be embarrassed to pull the case out in public. I guess it is meant to be sturdy and reliable for shipping and handling, but not ecstatically pleasing as a carry case. For anyone looking to purchase inexpensive glasses online, I hope this Zenni Optical Review has helped you make a decision to give it a try.
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