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by:Sinowon     2020-07-01
Field of View: This is an extremely essential feature for any type of binoculars and it is normally shown in numbers such as 300 x 1000 ft; these are numbers that refer to the left and right hand distance from your eyes. A binocular that has a large field of view is especially important when you are travelling at the sea because you will be able to see any landmarks clearly well a head of your destination. Take note that the bigger the number per thousand feet and the greater the angle, the less time it will take you to pane the binocular from one side to another in order to clearly locate any object you are trying to see. Magnification: This refers to the degree in which your equipment is going to enlarge the object you are focusing at. There is a delicate balance between features such as field of view, power and clarity. If you are trying to evaluate marine binoculars you must always remember that a large magnification will certainly cause you to lose on matters of clarity and field of view. Take note that a lower magnification power allows you to get a brighter image as well as giving you a wider field of view; expert advice indicates that anything between 7 and 8 is good enough. Eye Relief: You will need to adjust the binocular lenses when you are focusing on something; this means that you can easily remove your simple eyeglasses and still be fine. However, some people end up keeping their eyeglasses completely away when using binoculars and this leads to eye strain. You need marine binoculars with a loner eye relief so that you can comfortably use your eyeglasses without a hassle. Waterproofing: Anyone who does any maritime stuff will remind you that the best feature of any electronic equipment they will be using is waterproofing and marine binoculars are not an exception. Any binocular you intend to buy in this line must be waterproof but most important also is that you must check that the lenses have a special coating that protects them from water as well.
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