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by:Sinowon     2020-12-25

Carbide Probes has become a leading producer of standard and custom probes and styli by building a family-run business over three generations based on quality, service and customer satisfaction. The company's approach to business is based on building more than just quality products - it builds trust among its satisfied customers by understanding their unique needs and offering standard and custom solutions that exceed their expectations.

In 1952 Earl Jacobs, a respected toolmaker in Dayton Ohio started the business by collecting customer orders during his lunch hour and manufacturing their replacement points at home at night. The business grew so rapidly that by 1963 Earl resigned from his job at the tool shop and it became his full time occupation until he retied in 1977. For over 31 years, Carbide Probes Inc. continued to grow and meet the specific needs of customers under the leadership of Dan Shellabarger, Earl's son-in-law.

Today Carbide Probes is managed by its third generation - Earl's grandchildren, Greg Shellabarger and Cheryl Mullikin, who continue to grow the business by maintaining their grandfather's deep commitment to high precision workmanship and delivering top-quality products at the right cost.

Since its humble beginnings in Jacobs' home workshop, Carbide Probes has grown dramatically, expanding its Dayton, Ohio headquarters numerous times. The company now offers a full catalog featuring the most popular Dial Test Indicators, Electronic Gauges, AGD Indicators, Replacement Styli and Surface Test Styli which are held in stock and ready for delivery. Carbide Probes also specializes in small run, custom-built points and styli manufactured to customer's specifications. The company's website features many items from its extensive catalog and customers can easily select and order a standard product or custom-build their own. Company representatives are always standing by to give a quote or answer specific product questions to help customers find the right solution.

All of Carbide Probes' contact tips and replacement styli are 'Made in the USA'. manufactured at its facility in Dayton, Ohio. By keeping all of its manufacturing 'in house' the company maintains a diligent watch over product quality throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the highest level of precision and customer satisfaction.

With more and more manufacturing moving overseas, it's easy to find low-cost industrial products. But there is definitely a trade-off in quality and service. For a mission-critical application that requires Electronic Gauges, Dial Test Indicators, Replacement Styli or other types of probes and tips, you need a partner who understands your business needs and who you know you can rely on for precision products, top-quality service and custom manufacturing if necessary, all for the best price and value, And when it comes to combining precision, service, experience and value, nobody beats Carbide Probes.

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