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by:Sinowon     2020-06-15
There are two types of microscopes: high power and low power. A microscope with high power helps you see the tiny things like: bacteria, blood cells, and insects clearly, whereas one with low power gives a zoomed picture of the specimens like: sand grains and fabric weaves. Then, further microscopes are categorized into light microscopes and electron or ultraviolet microscopes. The latter one is used in commercial or scientific microscopes. Before you buy a microscope, it is vital that you should know its features so that you get the one that is well-suited to your application. There are two sources of magnification of light microscopes, and they are: the objective lens and the eyepieces. And, the total magnification is achieved by multiplying the power of the objective lens with that of the eyepieces. Most of the light microscopes need less than sixty times of magnification, but because of unawareness people tend to buy microscopes with high level of magnification. Now, choose a microscope from compound or stereo one that suits your application best. Compound or stereo microscopes are referred to as high power or low power respectively. Compound microscope helps in viewing the smaller specimens with higher level of magnification, whereas stereo microscope helps in observing the specimen with a three dimensional effect. Now, if you need to buy a compound microscope then there are different models of it that vary according to the eyepieces used in it. A microscope with one eyepiece is called monocular and microscopes with two or three eyepieces are called binocular or trinocular microscopes respectively. Buy your compound microscope on the basis of its magnification level, comfort, price, and application. Monocular one works best up to 1000 times of magnification, and for higher level of magnification go for one with more eyepieces. Monocular microscopes are easier to use and that cost less too in comparison to binocular and trinocular ones. Former ones are used for sophisticated applications and do not include a mechanical stage whereas binocular includes a mechanical stage and trinocular is used for microphotography.
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