Image measuring instrument about 2.5-dimensional measuring instrument measurement function

by:Sinowon     2021-05-10

The measurement function of the image measuring instrument is about the 2.5-dimensional measuring instrument. It is used to measure the size of products and molds. The measurement elements include position, concentricity, straightness, profile, roundness and size related to the datum. The automatic grab measurement function will automatically capture points, lines, circles, arcs, etc. On the main interface of the software, you only need to select the corresponding drawing command, and the software can intelligently and accurately draw lines in the real-time image of the workpiece. This drawing method is more accurate and faster than the naked eye, and avoids human error. The second high-precision optical-assisted focusing and height measurement function based on intelligence. Image processing: With automatic and manual focusing functions, the Z axis can be moved automatically or manually after the target area is selected, and a clearer position can be searched. The software will automatically capture and distinguish to reduce human error to a greater extent. Map function: The user-friendly map navigation function can help you quickly locate the local position on the large workpiece, shortening the search time required for the operation. Open the map for virtual measurement or navigation. Fully automatic and manual CNC measurement: CNC programming measurement is divided into automatic and manual modes. In the automatic CNC mode, when performing a large number of workpiece inspections, you only need to program the measurement process once to automatically perform multiple automatic time repeated measurements. The manual workbench adopts manual CNC mode, which can realize the automatic measurement function of simulating CNC and improve work efficiency. Array measurement: Array measurement can automatically measure the array parts distributed on the same workpiece. Only a part of the open distribution needs to be programmed and the measured value is automatically set. Drawing comparison: Open the CAD design drawing, the drawing does not match the actual image. Use the square function in the graph comparison to overlap the opened graph with the image. Use square graphs for measurements or simple comparisons. SPC statistics: Built-in SPC statistical process control function, you can read the specified measurement data after the measurement by the image measuring instrument, generate XR, Xm-R and other control charts, and calculate the larger, smaller, average, standard deviation, and deviation Shift value, Ca, Cp, Cpk and other statistical coefficients.

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