Image measuring instrument About the technology of automatic image measuring instrument

by:Sinowon     2021-05-07
Image measuring instrument About the technology of automatic image measuring instrument Image measuring instrument technology, as a visual inspection technology, needs to achieve quantitative measurement. Measurement accuracy has always been an important index pursued by this technology. Image measuring instrument systems usually use charge-coupled devices such as CCD Image sensor equipment to obtain image information, convert it into digital signal and collect it in the computer, and then use image processing technology to process the digital image signal, obtain all the images needed, and use calibration technology to convert the information (compared to The latter is the image size information in the image coordinate system) is converted to the actual size information in the world coordinate system to calculate the size, shape and position error. In recent years, due to the rapid development of industrial production capacity and the improvement of processing technology, there has been A large number of products in two extreme sizes, large and small. For example, measuring the external dimensions of aircraft, measuring the key components of large-scale machinery, and measuring the key dimensions of micro-components, are used in the miniaturization trend of various devices, as well as the measurement of key micro-dimensions, such as microelectronics and biotechnology. Testing technology brings new tasks.

The image measuring instrument technology has a wider measurement range. It is very difficult to use traditional mechanical measurement in large and small areas. The image measuring instrument technology can produce a certain proportion of the measured object according to the accuracy requirements, and reduce or enlarge it to complete The measurement task that mechanical measurement cannot complete. Therefore, whether it is super large size measurement or small size measurement, the important role of image measuring instrument technology is obvious. Usually, we call parts whose size ranges from 0.1 mm to 10 mm. Micro parts are defined as medium-sized parts internationally. The precision of these components is relatively high, usually in the micron level, and the structure is complex. Traditional detection methods are difficult to meet the measurement requirements. Image measuring instrument systems have become a common method for measuring micro-components. First of all, we must use an optical lens to match the image sensor with sufficient magnification to be the key to the measured component or the measured component. Feature imaging is to obtain an image containing the measurement target information that meets the requirements, and then collect the image into a computer through an image acquisition card, and then the image measuring instrument performs image processing and calculation through the computer to obtain the measurement result.

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