Image measuring instrument detection technology innovation injects new vitality into mold manufacturing

by:Sinowon     2021-05-03

In the field of image measuring instrument and automatic measurement, continuous innovation and development as well as the manufacturing of image measuring instruments that break through the traditional limitations have injected new vitality. As one of the essential key process equipment in modern industrial production, the mold is called For the mother of industry. Since the vast majority of industrial product parts and injection molded products need to be molded through molds, their applications cover many industries, such as machinery manufacturing, electronic appliances, automobiles, aerospace, medical and military industries. Therefore, the mold manufacturing level of a country is not only an important indicator to measure its industrial manufacturing capacity, but also determines the quality, efficiency, and innovative research and development capabilities of the country’s industrial products. Following the quality policy of innovation-oriented and high-efficiency performance, we provide professional composite image measuring instrument solutions, one-button wide-field image measuring instrument solutions, etc. for all walks of life. At present, my country's economy has transformed from a stage of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development, and is in a critical period of transforming its development mode. , Optimize the economic structure and transform the growth momentum. China's mold manufacturing industry has also begun to transition from rapid development to high-quality development. The intelligent manufacturing technology formed by the deep integration of advanced science and technology, a new generation of information technology, a new generation of artificial intelligence and other new technologies is considered an inevitable trend in the development of the manufacturing industry in the future. Relying on innovative technologies such as digital Internet/Internet of Things, big data analysis and artificial intelligence to reshape the industrial structure and manufacturing methods and help manufacturing enterprises complete the intelligent transformation and upgrading is not only the mainstream trend in the world, but also the general trend. Industrial transformation is also the only way for the high-quality development of China's mold manufacturing industry. In order to seize opportunities and respond to changing challenges, quality issues are important issues that every mold manufacturing company must seriously consider. This requires measuring equipment, such as coordinate measuring machines, image measuring instruments and customized special machines, to protect the quality in the mold design and processing links to check the quality. With the continuous deepening of the intelligentization of my country's manufacturing industry, innovative technologies applied in the field of mold manufacturing have sprung up, injecting more vitality into the rising industry. For example, based on the digital design and manufacturing technology of CAD/CAE/CAM software, the structural design and processing parameters of the mold are optimized through the powerful functions of computer software, so as to obtain better design results. Simulate and generate processing programs, effectively reducing mold design and manufacturing cycles, while reducing mold production costs, and improving manufacturing accuracy; with the help of integrated high-speed electric spindle, high-speed servo system and high-precision fast feed system and high-speed cutting Machine tools, as well as high-speed cutting technology based on high-speed cutting theory, with the help of advanced technologies such as performance control systems, can complete the processing of high-hardness mold materials with a hardness of HRC60 or higher, thereby extending the service life of the mold; manufacturing technology is also highly anticipated One of the innovations. This bottom-up processing method gets rid of the shackles of traditional manufacturing, has great design freedom, and can realize batch and individual customization. To meet the design of complex molds According to manufacturing requirements, through Hexagon Imaging's professional, efficient and intelligent image measuring equipment and customized image measuring instrument test equipment, we fully guarantee the quality of our customers' products.

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