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by:Sinowon     2021-05-13

The second element refers to a two-dimensional plane space, usually used to refer to a series of plane horizon products such as animation, manga, CG, and two-dimensional games.

The 'dimension' referred to in Japanese ACG works usually refers to the fantasy world in the work and the collection of its various elements. For example, a rule and order are completely different from the reader's existing world. For example, the world in which magic or gundam exists is often called 'different dimension world' or simply 'different dimension'.

In addition, traditionally, virtual characters represented by flat media, such as characters in comics or animations, are often called 'two-dimensional characters' because of their two-dimensional nature. Characters that are different from reality (three-dimensional space). However, characters made with three-dimensional computer graphics are called '2.5-dimensional characters' because they are in a virtual world and have a three-dimensional concept.

Three-dimensional dolls and other objects, from the original definition, should be three-dimensional characters; but because they are usually based on two-dimensional characters, or emphasize their virtual nature, there are At that time, it was also called '2.5-dimensional characters'

Based on the above etymology, those who only have interest or affection for the virtual characters appearing in ACG, but are not interested in the opposite sex in reality, are considered It is jokingly called 'the resident of the two-dimensional world


Three-dimensional refers to the three-dimensional space! Used in industry to measure the three-dimensional size and surface shape of objects! !

The second element is also known as the image-based surveying and mapping instrument. It is generally used by manufacturers that require relatively high product accuracy. It can measure the two-dimensional data of the product. Of course, it can also be a probe and grating ruler. Three-dimensional data is measured. It mainly measures all the data on the geometrical surface of the product. Of course, the drawings can also be made through software. It cannot be archived in the computer, or it can be sent to the customer for review by email to achieve the best results. In the case of the three-dimensional, it can measure the data that cannot be tested in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional test, and the others are similar. That is, the price of the three-dimensional yuan is much higher than that of the two-dimensional yuan.

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