Image measuring instrumentAbout the development of two-dimensional image measuring instrument in the semiconductor industry

by:Sinowon     2021-05-09

Image measuring instrument is about the development of two-dimensional image measuring instrument in the semiconductor industry. There is no difference between the imager, the second element, and the image measuring instrument. Its calling method is different. The scientific name is the image measuring instrument. The shape data of the object is imported into the computer using optical imaging, and then the object is measured by the software, image measurement The instrument is mainly used for planar measurement, that is, two-dimensional measurement, so it is also called two-dimensional measuring instrument, called two-dimensional. The automatic image measuring instrument is based on a digitizer and automatic edge extraction features based on machine vision, automatic deburring and automatic measurement synthesis. At the same time, automatic focus based on machine vision can meet the needs of assisting height measurement under clear imaging, and it can also add a measurement Head to complete the coordinate height measurement.

The development of Chinese two-dimensional image measuring instruments in the semiconductor industry, with the continuous development of image measuring instruments and the continuous development of China, in China’s optical microscope industry, two-dimensional image measuring instruments and metallographic microscopes Perfect combination, can produce tool metal microscope. High-resolution images and high-precision measurements have solved semiconductor production problems, measuring bonding wires in the middle, and quickly measuring the coplanarity of IC pins. In the past few years, the semiconductor industry has been in turmoil. On the one hand, China's semiconductor industry has emerged. On the other hand, the global industry is facing a super cycle. Coupled with the rise of emerging applications such as artificial intelligence, China and the United States often have technical frictions. What is the current status of global semiconductors? The scale of China’s semiconductor market in the world continues to increase. With the further rise of 5G, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other downstream industries, as well as the global semiconductor industry’s coverage to the mainland, China will continue to become the world’s largest In the active semiconductor market, China's integrated circuit industry is expanding, and its global share is also increasing. It has become the world's major consumer market for image measuring instruments.

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