Image measuring instrumentAbout two-dimensional image measuring instrument and metallographic tool microscope

by:Sinowon     2021-05-09

The image measuring instrument is about the two-dimensional image measuring instrument and the metallographic tool microscope. In our understanding, precision dimension measuring instruments mainly refer to two-dimensional image measuring instruments and coordinate measuring machines, both of which are representative of high precision and high stability in precision dimension measuring instruments. The two-dimensional image measuring instrument is also called the image measuring instrument and the two-dimensional image measuring instrument, which is referred to as the two-dimensional image measuring instrument for short. Three-dimensional coordinate measuring machines, also known as three-dimensional measuring instruments, three-dimensional measuring instruments, referred to as three-dimensional coordinates, are mainly used for the three-dimensional three-dimensional measurement of the workpiece under test, and they are usually used in industrial production test instruments. With the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, some major domestic semiconductor production companies have at least about 2000 two-dimensional image measuring instruments, automatic image measuring instruments, image measuring instruments, metallographic microscope tools and other test equipment. With the increasing demand for two-dimensional image measuring instruments, domestic production of new-quality two-dimensional image measuring instruments has contributed to the development of the entire mobile phone industry. With the continuous improvement of living standards in China and the continuous development of global industries, the quality and performance requirements of two-dimensional image measuring instruments have also been continuously improved, focusing on product quality, and constantly creating stable two-dimensional elements, image measuring instruments, and manual two-dimensional Image measuring instrument, fully automatic image measuring instrument, large-stroke image measuring instrument, high-precision optical measuring instrument and other image measuring instrument equipment.

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