Image measuring instruments are playing an increasingly important role in industrial production

by:Sinowon     2021-05-06
Image measuring instruments are playing an increasingly important role in industrial production. Humanized measurement software, the development of intelligent measuring instruments, and every new technology development of coordinate measuring machines must have corresponding supporting software technologies. At that time, there were many measurement softwares on the market. The more common measurement softwares include: French Metrology, Powerinspect in the UK and PC-DIMS in the US. At that time, PC-DIMS measurement software has now introduced CAD into measurement technology. The graphical interface flickers and completes temperature compensation and reverse engineering. However, due to the customization of the software system by various manufacturers, there is no universal interface and function, which brings certain difficulties to the learning and operation of the three-axis viewer. In addition, in order to put CMM into the production line, it is necessary for professionals to develop software and hardware equipment that support network communication, modeling, CAD and reverse engineering. It can be said that measuring machine software is one of the more sensitive technologies in coordinate measuring machines. Software development It will make the coordinate measuring machine move towards the direction of intelligence. It is difficult to define a smart CMM because it has been expanding, but it should at least include the following: 1. It can be programmed automatically. The emergence of CMM software makes programming easier and easier, but programming is always required, and self-learning programming first requires manual operation. 2. Optimize the measuring machine according to the measuring task. The intelligent measuring machine can prompt the optimal equipment direction of the workpiece according to the measurement task and optimize the measurement parameters. 3. Before the measurement, the non-judgment degree of the measurement and the sampling strategy and measurement speed are automatically diagnosed based on this judgment. 4. The automatic diagnosis of defects includes not only the occurrence of defects that cause the measuring machine to not work properly, but also the appearance of other abnormal phenomena (such as excessively high room temperature), and the measurement data is obviously unreasonable.

In short, with its superior performance and convenient operation, image measuring instruments will certainly play an increasingly important role in industrial production.

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