Image, Vision, Computer_Application of Computer Image Measurement Vision Technology

by:Sinowon     2021-05-13

The application of computer imaging measurement technology ranges from medical network rubber to remote sensing imagery, from Dingyang detection to file processing, and from nanotechnology to multimedia technology. It can be said that the field that needs human vision 4-the hand needs computer vision. It should be pointed out that in many occasions where human vision cannot perceive, such as precise determination of perception, perception of dangerous scenes, perception of invisible objects, etc., it can highlight the superiority of computer vision. The following is an introduction to the application of computer vision according to work tasks, application purposes and application industries. According to different tasks, the basic functions of computer image measurement can be divided into target recognition, target positioning, surface inspection, size measurement and so on. According to different application purposes, the application of computer vision can be summarized into the following six aspects. Figure 1-7 is not an example of computer vision success. (1) Industrial automation product inspection, quality control, industrial flaw detection, automatic welding and robots working in various dangerous situations. Using map rubber and image measurement technology for production automation, improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and avoid misjudgments caused by human fatigue. (2) Inspection and monitoring of finished product inspection, micro-medical operations, automatic color separation, color matching in textile, printing and dyeing industry, working condition monitoring and automatic tracking alarm, etc. (3) Visual navigation, cruise missile guidance, drone flight, autonomous vehicles, mobile robots, automatic cruise target detection and tracking, etc. (4) Tukang automatic interpretation Automatic interpretation and understanding of radiographic maps, micrographs, medical maps, remote sensing multi-band maps, synthetic aperture radar maps, and aerospace survey maps. (5) Human-computer interaction. Biometric information recognition such as face, fingerprint and iris is used to form an intelligent human-computer interface, identify the user's identity, identify the user's body posture and facial expression measurement, which not only conforms to human interaction habits, but also increases the convenience of interaction Sex and presence, etc. (6) Virtual reality aircraft pilot training, medical surgery simulation, battlefield environment representation, etc., it can help people exceed the physiological limits of people. Be immersive and improve work efficiency. Computer vision involves many application industries. It is widely used in manufacturing, electronics, aerospace, remote sensing, printing, textile, packaging, medical, pharmaceutical, food, intelligent transportation, finance, sports, archaeology, public safety, scientific research and other industries. application.

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