Imposingly framed against the skyline of Philippine

by:Sinowon     2020-06-06
The Rockwell Centre is a flagship project of the Rockwell Land Corporation which launched this construction after the thermal plant which was originally there was shut down. The company started construction in the mid 90's with the four, sky scraping residential towers which embody the standards of ultra modern luxurious living and were named after four eminent Filipinos. The power plant mall is a glamorous arena, lined with retail stores that house designer brands among other items and cater to an elite and upmarket clientele including residents of the complex. Also included in this miniature city are the high rise office buildings which are three in number while the Lopez project, another addition to the complex which is speculated to take over the place of the country's tallest structure, is still under construction. Completing the vacuum for a proper entertainment and recreational hub that no residential complex can possibly function without, the Rockwell Club caters to the elite clientele of the Rockwell centre with recreational and sports facilities. The Rockwell complex also has its own business school, Ateneo Graduate Business School, a truly useful and indispensible addition to the complex. The Rockwell complex has ultra modernization and sophistication written all over it from its powerful broad base to its majestic high-rise buildings. The city of Makati is truly fortunate to possess this small miniature of a city as well as some superb hotels in the neighbourhood, such as the The Peninsula Manila. It is also one of the city's welcoming gifts to visitors to Philippines, tinged with the traditional Peninsula excellence in an addictive collection of residential options and dining options combining well with recreation and entertainment opportunities within its spacious interiors. Presiding over the top notches when it comes to a list of reputed hotels in Makati city, The Peninsula Manila has guest rooms and suites designed in a timeless Filipino style overlooking the city and are classy and conveniently modern. A traveller visiting the Rockwell centre or its Power mall or any other attractions and looking for Manila hotels would do well to step into this hotel for a truly memorable stay, cradled with utmost luxuries and trademark 'Peninsula' excellence.
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