improve ultrasonic range sensor accuracy

by:Sinowon     2020-01-02
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This instruction will teach you how to improve the accuracy of the ultrasonic ranging sensor.
According to the principle, the sound will pass through the air at different speeds depending on the temperature.
Since the ultrasonic distance sensor uses the triggered sound to echo from an object and return the time it takes for the sensor, the ambient temperature can play a role in the calculated distance.
Potential Application: improve the accuracy of any ultrasonic distance sensor that is placed in a liquid or gas similar to the material required for air Education: ultrasonic distance sensor (
I use the 4 pin version, but this works for the 3 pin version as well)Arduino UNO (
Or other programmable micro-controllers)
Tm36 temperature sensor (or similar)
Required Tools: computers with Arduino IDE your excellent SelfI provides a Fritzing chart to show how to connect a temperature sensor.
Please make sure to check the data sheet for a specific temperature sensor as some of the sensors have flipped the positive and negative ends.
If you insert your item and the temperature sensor becomes very hot, be sure to switch the polarity.
For the temperature sensor, connect the positive and negative poles to the correct terminal on the temperature sensor.
Then connect the data terminal to the analog pin 0 on the arduino.
I am using a four-pin ultrasonic ranging sensor because I believe it is easier to use than a three-pin sensor because for a three-pin sensor you have to code the data needle as two inputs and one output as well
Still, the three pin sensors are working fine.
Connect the positive and negative poles to the correct terminals of the distance sensor.
Connect the trig data pin to the digital pin 10 on the Arduino and the echo data pin to the digital pin 9 on the Arduino.
In order to improve the accuracy of the distance sensor, the code will calculate the speed of the sound according to the ambient thermometer.
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