In all these years, Neurosurgery has undergone

by:Sinowon     2020-07-10
A brain suite comprises the following components: Vector Vision Sky and Vector vision sky software-cranial Zeiss OPMI Pentero with ALA filter for tumor illuminescence (because of this tumor tissue appears to be of a different color with respect to the normal brain tissue) Siemens Magnetom - 1.5T OT table with integrated head clamp and coil A large OT wall screen Digital Data Management In a brain suite, neurosurgeons in India compare the images from the operating microscope with the images saved from the patients' previous MRI. This integration is done by the vector c. Flat panel DSA shall provide a spatial resolution of .1mm and help in controlling therapy as well as allow reconstruction in 512 matrix. With the help of the latest Zeiss Pentero operating microscope with image injection, surgeons will be able to distinguish tumor from non-tumor tissue and hence are able to treat brain tumor surgery more effectively. Brain suite is definitely helping the neurosurgeons in India a lot. And, with such powerful equipment, neurosurgery in India is taking an altogether different dimension. The patients, on the other hand, are also benefiting from this advancement. Though brain suite technology is relatively new in India, more and more hospitals will soon have it to offer better treatment to their patients. Looking back, it all seems to be the constant efforts of doctors attempting to improve upon their past performances that led to such advancements in medical technology. Even now, it all looks like just a beginning of an era, where surgeries will be done with more precision and greater focus. Many more innovations are in pipeline and will soon emerge. And, it'll be the patients suffering from neurological disorders who'll be the real beneficiaries. For the time being, it is the brain suite that is making news in India. And, why shouldn't it? It lets surgeons perform the surgery with more accuracy, and thus, more success rates for the patients.
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