In the process of BOE full range of localization

by:Sinowon     2020-07-08
By 2010 nearly 8 billion in sales expected to exceed 20 billion yuan. If regard the BOE coming into Sichuan as optical display 'zero' breakthrough, after years of development, this chain has been complete, closed molding in chengdu. BOE Optoelectronics come into Sichuan making ground zero breakthrough Just as Intel's electronic information industry in Sichuan Province, Sichuan BOE for optical display industry is also worth bearing in mind. In 2007, the BOE 4.5 generation production lines located in Chengdu Hi-tech set of co-West road. Perhaps even the BOE did not think that in this way, Chengdu optoelectronics industry from scratch, to become an important pole in the country and the world. However, Chengdu's talent, natural gas and electricity security of supply, the government's support of strategic emerging industries, so that after construction in only 2 months, BOE announced the replenishment of 1.07 billion yuan. 'Middle of the panel companies pulling the whole industry is huge, the upper reaches of the pulling power of 1:6 on the downstream of the pulling power is reached 1:10.' BOE Chengdu Business Planning Office official said. October 2009, BOE Chengdu mass production, a region in western China's first mass production of LCD panel production line, marking the Chengdu High-speed optical display industry into the development of real time. Today, the BOE Chengdu's mobile display production equipment has been widely used in the GPS, smart phones, the finest small laptop computer on a display device, the amount of supply was in short supply. June 2011, co-Road 1133 in Chengdu Optical Co., Ltd TFT-LCD0.5 mm LCD glass substrate to achieve volume production, supply the object is BOE, Shen Tianma other 4.5-generation flat panel business. Before co-Road downstream companies began mass production of another Tablet PC. In co-operation on the road, Chengdu, lined up on the River optoelectronics industry, just like an industrial empire. Today, Shen Tianma, Corning, sets the table Division, Air Products, Tokyo Electron and other industrial chain upstream and downstream businesses, are to pile up in Chengdu BOE axis 'home.' In the industrial park where it is gathered in the upper reaches of space optical, lighting and other Sony companies; middle Changhong OLED production base, RMIH TFT-LCD module and LED packaging OEM project; downstream applications show the aggregation of Kyrgyzstan Sharp, TCL and other enterprises. Chengdu, the optical display industry chain has opened up the upstream and downstream of the 'Renduermai', with a glass substrate, including, backlight modules, LCD panels, digital terminals, 3C stores, including a complete industrial chain. Chengdu has formed in the LCD market has the advantages of industry agglomeration.
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