instrumentation, test equipment suppliers.

by:Sinowon     2020-01-07
The following catalogue lists suppliers of instruments and test equipment for the rubber industry, providing addresses, contacts, types and services of instruments and test equipment.
Aeroglide Corp.
29505 Raleigh, NC 27626-Hal Ekberg box0505 Phone: (919)851-2000 Fax: (919)851-
6029 Akron Special Machinery Co. , Ltd.
Rick Delmoro, 2740 Corey Avenue
Oh, phone 44314 :(330)753-1077 Fax: (330)753-
7308 ITW company of Akron standardA.
Stang, GM, specifications
Machinery 1624 Englewood Avenue.
Oh, phone 44305 :(330)784-
1251 instruments: Tire uniformity equipment, non-contact beating and bump/SAG measuring equipment, tire durability testing, service provided by wheel uniformity machine: technical service, training Marketing Manager Xia Lin Xiao Li.
2689 Wingate Avenue
Oh, phone 44314 :(330)745-1641; (800)356-9886 Fax: (330)848-
7326 Altman Manufacturing Co. , Ltd.
Altman, St. Paul, Ohio, 1990
Laer, IL 60532 Tel :(630)963-0031 Fax: (630)963-
0089 website: www. altmanmfg. com/altman E-
Email: altman @ xnetcom B. C. Ames Co.
Paul Udden, sales engineer, Lexington Street, 131P. O.
Box 02254, marwaltham 70-0070 Phone: (781)893-0095 Fax: (781)647-3356 E-
Mail: Message @ bcames.
Internet: instruments for thickness measurement
Hand-held sub-meter, non-hand-held sub-meter and digital desktop comparator
Contact acuflow air measurement for in-
Process and work table;
Electronic reading service: Ametek PMT application engineering, USAS. Gauge Div.
Jim Snyder, sales manager, 820 Penner Avenue.
Tel: (19053)215)355-6900 Fax: (215)355-
2937 instruments: Process measurement technology, pneumatic controllers, electronic process transmitters, calibration equipment services provided: technical services, training by Ametek Chatillon Rich Brown, communications manager.
Dr. Somerset 8600
Lago, FL 33773 Tel :(800)527-9999 Fax: (813)539-
6882 instruments: Tensile Tester services provided: technical services, training, software programsAnderson Co. William S.
3115 President ColeMarket St.
Oh, phone 44333 :(330)864-2135 Fax: (330)864-
4134 instruments: Material Testing Equipment providing rubber and plastic services: sales, services, including special testing equipment for calibration design and manufacturing or application testing systems
Ad Manager P. Chuck DolceO.
Box 1529 housekeeper, PA 16003 phone :(412)283-
1212 instruments: creep/stress break testing machine, Universal Tensile testing machine, pressure testing system, fatigue testing machine, furnace and oven for testing and processing, elastic extenders and special testing equipment services Technical Services Atlas electrical equipment company provided
Margaret McWhite, marketing service manager, 4114
Chicago Ravenswood, IL 60613 Tel :(773)327-4520 Fax: (773)327-
5787 instruments: complete series of environmental and material testing instruments capable of simulating radiant energy, temperature, salt spray, moisture and other components of natural environmental services: Technical Services, 627 Tom Gage, business development manager, Hartzell Rd training automatic control system.
New Haven in the 46774 Phone :(219)493-6606 Fax: (219)749-
4782 instrument: PVT (pressure-vibration-thermal)
Coolant hose endurance bracket service provided: design and manufacture test equipment for component durability, auditing and functional testing;
Leak and burst test equipment automation products company with data acquisition capability
Application Department 3030 Max Roy St.
Houston, Texas 77008-6294 Phone: (713)869-0361 Fax: (713)869-
7332 instruments: equipment for measuring and/or controlling density, specific gravity, percentage of solids, percentage of concentration, viscosity and liquid level. Bayco Ovens Rohn Grant, vice president, Dr. 4350 Pell
95838 calls from Sacramento, California :(916)565-7810 Fax: (916)929-
5041 instruments: heat treatment equipment, industrial oven services provided: technical services, trainingH. Benz Co. , Inc.
73 Ted Benz material testing instrument, president of Maplehurst Ave.
God, RI 02908 Tel :(401)331-
5650 instruments: flowmeter, Douro meter, viscosity meter, tension tester, test mold, laboratory oven, hardness, bending, fatigue, aging, wear, impact, provision: technical services, training, software programs, maintenance and reconstruction of test instruments and BFGoodrich, a laboratory information management system.
Don Askea, manager, 240 West ermerlin Avenue, said.
Oh, Akron 44301-1600 Phone: (330)374-3010 Fax: (330)374-
3166 instruments and meters: dynamic stress relaxation instrument, flexometer Model 11, portable universal testing machine, mixer monitoring system, cutting block, chip tester.
Services provided: Technical Services Training, calibration Bohlin instruments
Sharon Goetz 2540 Route 130 Cranbury, NJ Tel :(609)655-4447 Fax: (609)655-1475 C. W.
Kevin R. Blabband instrumentsVan Allen 50 E. Wesley St.
South Hackensack, NJ 07606 Tel :(201)343-
8425 instruments: laboratory testing equipment for rubber testing, including processing performance research, dispersion, mixing, curing and density for R & D and quality control services: Testing Laboratory Brookhaven instruments
Bruce Weiner, sales and marketing at 750 blue dot Road.
HOLTSVILLE, NY 11742 Tel :(516)758-3200 Fax: (516)758-3255 E-Email: Sales @ bic
Website: www. bic.
Com instruments: Particle size measurement using laser scattering, disk centrifugal, laser scanner and dynamic image analysis;
The dynamic potential analysis was carried out by the particle electric swimming device and the flow potential;
The scope of application includes pigment carbon black service: technical support Bytewise measurement system Harris, CEO Russ Carreker Pkwy center 1150.
GA Columbus 31904 Tel :(706)323-5142 Fax: (706)323-
0178 instrument: non
Dimensional measurement system based on contact laser
Line profile measurement of the supplied Extrusion Rubber Weekly tread wear analysis service: installation and training CCS-
Company Consulting Services, instrumentsJack C.
Warner, president, 1145 Highbrook Avenue
Tel: Suite 500 Akron (OH 44301)330)376-3600 Phone: 1-800-742-8535 Fax: (330)376-8500 Fax: 1-800-CCS-
XFAX instrument and instrument: Shaw hardness tester, wiper (ODR)
Rheinland data system of Mooney viscosity meter, Mooney and Rheinland meter, new recorder of ODRs, ASTM mould, mould, cutter, XDR Mooney viscosity meter, XDR-MDR-
Xdr osc disk scanner services provided: Coast hardness tester, Mooney viscosity meter, all flow meters and recorders, tensile tester, certified calibration, service and
465 Limestone RoadP. O.
Oxford box 277, PA 19363-0277 Phone: (610)932-3636 800 541-6593 Fax: (610)932-4158 E-Email: cds @ dpnet
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