instrumentation, test equipment suppliers.

by:Sinowon     2020-01-10
The following catalogue lists suppliers of instruments and test equipment for the rubber industry, providing addresses, contacts, types and services of instruments and test equipment.
L Akron Standard, ITWA.
Stang, GM, specifications
Machinery 1624 Englewood Avenue.
Oh, phone 44305 :(330)784-
1251 instruments: service provided by tire uniformity equipment, non-contact beating and drum bag/depression measuring equipment, tire durability testing, wheel uniformity machine: technical service, training B. C. Ames Co.
Paul Udden, sales engineer, Lexington Street, 131P. O.
Box 02254, marwaltham 70-0070 Phone: (781)893-0095 Fax: (781)647-3356 E-
Mail: Message @ bcames.
Internet: instruments for thickness measurement
Dial and digital desktop comparator for in-, handheld Micron, contactless AccuFlow air measurement
Process and work table;
Electronic reading service: Ametek PMT application engineering, USAS. Gauge Div.
Jim Snyder, sales manager, 820 Penner Avenue.
Tel: (19053)215)355-6900 Fax: (215)355-
2937 instruments: Process measurement technology, pneumatic controllers, electronic process transmitters, calibration equipment services provided: technical services, training by Ametek Chatillon Rich Brown, communications manager.
Dr. Somerset 8600
Lago, FL 33773 Tel :(800)527-9999 Fax: (813)539-
6882 instruments: Tensile Tester services provided: technical services, training, software programsAnderson Co. William S.
3115 President ColeMarket St.
Oh, phone 44333 :(330)864-2135 Fax: (330)864-
4134 instruments: Material Testing Equipment providing rubber and plastic services: sales, services, including special testing equipment for calibration design and manufacturing or application testing systems
Ad Manager P. Chuck DolceO.
Box 1529 housekeeper, PA 16003 phone :(412)283-
1212 instruments: creep/stress break testing machine, Universal Tensile testing machine, pressure testing system, fatigue testing machine, furnace and oven for testing and processing, elastic extenders and special testing equipment services Technical Services Atlas electrical equipment company provided
Margaret McWhite, marketing service manager, 4114
Chicago Ravenswood, IL 60613 Tel :(773)327-4520 Fax: (773)327-
5787 instruments: complete series of environmental and material testing instruments capable of simulating radiant energy, temperature, salt spray, moisture and other components of natural environmental services: Technical Services, tom Gage, business development manager, hartzell Rd 627 training automatic control system.
New Haven in the 46774 Phone :(219)493-6606 Fax: (219)749-
4782 instrument: PVT (pressure-vibration-thermal)
Coolant hose endurance bracket service provided: design and manufacture test equipment for component durability, auditing and functional testing;
Leak and burst test equipment automation products company with data acquisition capability
Application Department 303 Max Roy St.
Houston, Texas 77008-6294 Phone: (713)869-0361 Fax: (713)869-
7332 instruments: Equipment measuring and/or controlling density, specific gravity, solid percentage, concentration percentage, viscosity and level Bayco & Viking Kent Whelan, vice president, Dr. 4350 Pell
95838 calls from Sacramento, California :(714)951-3231 Fax: (714)855-
3391 instruments: heat treatment equipment, industrial oven services provided: technical services, trainingH. Benz Co. , Inc.
73 Ted Benz material testing instrument, president of Maplehurst Ave.
God, RI 02908 Tel :(401)331-
5650 instruments: flowmeter, Douro meter, viscosity meter, tension tester, test mold, laboratory oven, hardness, bending, fatigue, aging, wear, impact, provision: technical services, training, software programs, maintenance and reconstruction of test instruments and BFGoodrich, a laboratory information management system.
Don Askea, manager, 240 West ermerlin Avenue, said.
Oh, Akron 44301-1600 Phone: (330)374-3010 Fax: (330)374-
3166 instruments and meters: dynamic stress relaxation instrument, DSR, flexometer Model 11, portable universal testing machine, mixer monitoring system, shear and chip tester.
Services provided: technical service training, calibration C. W.
Kevin R. Blabband instrumentsVan Allen 50 E. Wesley St.
South Hackensack, NJ 07606 Tel :(201)343-
8425 instruments: laboratory testing equipment for rubber testing, including processing performance research, dispersion, mixing, curing and density for R & D and quality control services: Testing Laboratory Brookhaven instruments
Sales and marketing Li Deni at 750 blue dot Road.
HOLTSVILLE, NY 11742 Tel :(516)758-3200 Fax: (516)758-
3255 instruments: Particle size measurement using laser scattering, disc centrifugal, laser scanner and dynamic image analysis;
The dynamic potential analysis was carried out by the particle electric swimming device and the flow potential;
Applications include pigments and carbon black services provided: technical support from President and CEO Russ Carreker Michael Harris, 5236 Whitesville Road.
GA Columbus 31904 Tel :(706)323-5142 Fax: (706)323-
0178 instrument: non
Dimensional measurement system based on contact laser
Line profile measurement for Extrusion Rubber Weekly to tread wear analysis services provided: installation and training Canrad Hanovia, Inc.
Rick Macintyre, production manager, Guanghua division, Chestnut Street, 100
Newark, New Jersey 07105 Tel :(201)589-4300 Fax: (201)589-
4430 instruments: UV light system for processing services, technical services, training
Irv Toplin microscope, marketing service manager. 1 Zeiss Dr.
As an official, NY 10594 Tel :(800)233-2343 Fax: (914)681-
7445 instruments: a microscope used to check the surface properties
Age analysis equipment services provided: technical services, training, software program CCS-
Company Consulting Services, instrumentsJack C.
Warner, president, 1145 Highbrook Avenue
Suite 500 Akron, OH 44301 Tel :(330)376-3600 Phone: 1-800-742-8535 Fax: (330)376-8500 Fax: 1-800-CCS-
XFAX instrument and instrument: Shaw hardness tester, wiper (ODR)
Rheinland data system of Mooney viscosity meter, Mooney and Rheinland meter, new recorder of ODRs, ASTM mould, mould, cutter, XDR Mooney viscosity meter, XDR-MDR-
Xdr osc disk rheometer services available: Shore hardness tester, Mooney viscosity meter, all rheometers and recorders, tensile tester, thickness gauge Cober Electronics, Inc.
102 Hamilton Avenue
CT Stamford 06902 Tel :(203)327-
0003 instruments: microwave acceptance test, microwave curing furnace service provided: technical service of microwave technology companyLoretta J.
President Miller, 37
New York corlam 11727 Tel :(516)331-
5321 instruments: test instruments for rubber, plastic and polyurethane foam plastics
Segundo Vargas, a science instrument for the war, sales manager, 244 East Third Street.
Field 07060 Tel: New Jersey :(908)668-1777 Fax: (908)668-
4794 instruments: materials testing equipment provided, including rubber, textiles, combustion, ceramics, cables, leather services: application assistance for material testing;
John sullivan, e-marketing manager, services and repairs in the testing equipment delivery industryO.
Box 1320 Minni Apolis, MN 55440 Tel :(612)469-
5424 instruments: environmental test chamber, curing and testing oven services provided: technical services, trainingUp 38-33 24th St. L. I. C.
, NY 11101 phone :(718)784-9756 Fax: (718)784-
9755 instruments: sample cutting mold, mold and testing equipment services for ASTM, DIN, JAP and TAPPY provided: re-regulation and re-calibration of digital instruments for testing molds and moldsG.
112 Heaton, marketing director, Robin Hill Road.
Santa Barbara, California 93117 Tel :(805)967-
1400 instruments: Scanning Probe, atomic energy microscope, Weigh section
Ad JeanAnn Fenrich, D. Armstrong, advertising manager 1000
Fairfield, MN 56031 Tel :(507)238-
4461 instruments: Scale, tension and measurement equipment services provided: technical services of sales manager Jean Moore electronics development laboratory 244 Dr Auckland
Danville, VA 24540 Tel :(800)342-5335 Phone: (804)799-0807 Fax: (804)799-
0847 instruments: temperature measuring devices and thermocouple sensor services provided: Technical Services, standard and custom designs, tool and mold repairs, and the design of these Emerson instruments companiesWilliam C. Holmes, Sr.
President, 170 Anderson Street.
This is Portland 04112 :(207)774-5254 Fax: (207)774-
5302 instruments: Supplied rubber polishing machine, foam durability tester, ASTM 1055 load deflection tester service: technical service, training Federal products
Alex Tabenkin, marketing manager, 1144 Eddy St.
God, RI 02940 Tel :(401)784-3100 Fax: (401)941-
5280 instruments: dispersion analyzer for the determination of carbon particle dispersion in rubber products and tires, dim-
Professional measuring equipment, circular measurement equipment, surface finish measurement equipment according to astm d-standard
2663 method C services provided: technical services, training, computer software programs
Sales Manager, 1687 business Avenue, OH 44224-1752 Phone: (330)688-4400 Fax: (330)688-
0507 instruments: rubber testing machine, wear/Adhesion Tester, wire tester, lag service available: Ron Schmidt, sales managerO.
Thunder 26508 boxes, OK 73126 phone :(405)755-1600 Fax: (405)755-8425 E-Email: Shope @ Shope
Internet: www. fife.
Com instruments: Automatic Network guidance equipment for relaxation, middle and rewind guidance services provided: technical service, training, maintenance contract, Herb Jones 1205 Coleman Ave, technical center of FMC company.
Tel: (Santa Clara 95052, California)408)289-3877 Fax: (408)289-
4429 instruments: comprehensive chemical and physical representation capabilities and component testing services provided: engineering consulting, material recommendation and selection, testing and analysis, material representation Forte Technology, Inc. Robert A.
Masco, vice president of 201 Carnegie Norwood, MA 02062 Tel :(781)769-9150 Fax: (781)769-5308 E-
Mail: info @ forte-tec.
Com website: Fudi-tec.
Com instrument measurement: electronic moisture measurement system for the whole bundle of synthetic rubber services provided: technical services, training, software programs, synthetic rubber testing equipment Freeman Larry Mills, general manager 432 NWood St.
Oh, Fremont 43420 :(419)334-9709 Fax: (419)334-
3426 instruments: ASTM sample molds, presses, cutting surface services provided: Relevel, resharpen, certechart Machine Company, Inc.
Gregory Gilhart, president, 1145 Highbrook Avenue
Oh, phone 44301 :(330)253-1880 Fax: (330)253-
1886 instrument: customized rubber mold in laboratory
ASTM mold services provided: Fixtures and fixtures, molds and rotors, machining consultants, R & D, custom machinery, manufacturing and design cutting molds, outdated gear and parts processing and copying Goettfert Harkham general manager 488 Stone Mountain, Lakeside Avenue, SC 29730 Tel :(803)324-3883 Fax: (803)324-
3993 instruments: elastic instrument rheostat, rheostat processing performance tester, capillary rheostat 1000, rheostat 6000 Grecon, Inc.
National Sales Manager Bob Barnum 7747W. Cirrus Dr.
Beaverton, OR 970085968 Phone: (503)641-
7731 instruments: Spark detection/extinguishing system, thickness measurement system, layered detection system, Cyclone plug-
Up detection system of Gruberg oven companyArthur V.
Campbell, vice president of thermal process 2121 Reach Rd.
Wilkin, PA 17701 Tel :(717)326-
1755 instruments: services provided by industrial ovens, test rooms, heat meters: technical services, training, engineering Haake 53 WCentury Rd.
Paramus 07652, New Jersey :(201)265-7865 Phone: (800)631-1369 Fax: (201)265-1977 E-mail: www. haake-usa.
Com instruments: For use with micro-
Production equipment;
All units controlled by the microprocessor; viscometers;
Thermal analysis of Seiko Instruments;
Product Services provided: technical services, training, software programs of Hampden testing Equipment Co. , Ltd.
Alan Garat Kingsthorpe Business CenterK.
Phone: 44 604 718177 Fax: 44 604 717197 instrument: sales and Services of ozone test room, wear tester, resilience tester, torque tester, IFD and CFD foam hardness tester, air hole and rising instrument hotpack company provided
Kristin wahnerfing 40, Darton Road.
Tel: (19154)215)824-1700 Fax: (215)637-0519 E-mail: www. hotpack.
Services provided: technical services, training, manufacturing Imass, Inc. R. A.
President Heinrich P. O.
Box 134 accord, horse 02018-0134 Phone: (781)982-8096 Fax: (781)982-
9647 instrument: Dynamic mechanical testing instrument of IMC Instrument Company
Nicole Shmauz marketing assistant N60W14434 cowl.
WI 53051 phone :(414)252-4620 Fax: (414)252-
4623 instrument: temperature instrument (
Alarm, monitor, controller, etc. )
Services provided: repair company equipment Instron Corporation Jim Ritchey, regional sales manager 1570 Akron-Peninsula Rd.
Oh, phone 44313 :(800)564-
8378 instruments: services provided by a capillary rheostat for determining the dynamic properties of elastic materials, fixtures, extenders and ambient Chambers, Universal Tensile and compression testing machines, Servo Hydraulic pumps: technical Services date back to load and extensometer verification for nist j & L tools and machinesJoe E.
P. Chairman Rand WillenO.
367 boxes, 1441 Miller Avenue.
46176 Telephone :(317)398-
6281 meters: Kernco meters, Liu 5000 SPL flow comparator
John Kelly, general manager Kenazo Ave 420.
El Paso, Texas 79927 Tel :(915)852-3375 Fax: (915)852-4084 Telex: 74-
9487 instruments: angle measuring instrument for rubber, surface tension analyzer, hardness tester
Type of material used to measure the drying of bones to complete saturation, infrared thermometer, microwave moisture analyzer (
0 to 100% moisture)
Services provided: Technical Services laser Mike Chris Richards 8001 tech Avenue.
Dayton, OH 45424 Tel :(937)233-9935 Fax: (937)233-
7284 instruments: non-contact, laser-
Laser technology based on size measurement1055 W.
Germain dunknorston, PA 19403 Tel :(610)631-5043 Fax: (610)631-0934 E-mail: Iti@pond.
Com instrument: tire quality inspection system using laser shear imaging
Lakeo Corporation 3000 Time video imaging and measurement system for Lake View Avenue. St.
Joseph, MI 49085 Tel :(616)982-5496 Fax: (616)982-
8977 instruments: measuring instruments for carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen, complete series of Spectrometer, thermal weight analyzer, various microscopy and accessories Leica
111 Deer Lake Road
IL 60015 Deerfield Tel :(847)405-0123 or (800)248-0123 Fax: (847)405-0147 E-
Mail: info @ leicana
Internet: www. leica.
Services provided: technical services, training J. Com instruments: Microscope, measuring equipment, micro-photographic equipment, micro-instrumentsW. Lemmens, Inc.
Andre Van Leuven, GM 3466 St Bridgeland Avenue.
Louis, Missouri 63044-2606 Phone: (314)770-2200 Fax: (314)770-
2262 instruments: Barco Rheomicroupgrade kit for the production of existing flow meters for curing curves, values, and graph lists of torque, viscosity, phase, and curing rates varying with curing time;
Baco denasel
Measure the stiffness and damping properties of the final product, cured and uncured sample LFE
, Process control Div.
Product manager Stephen Ekman, 55 Green Street
Clinton, Ma 01510 Tel :(508)365-
3453 instruments: services provided by the paper thickness control system of the calendar machine, extruder and coating machine: technical services, training, software program C. A. Litzier Co. , Inc. James H.
Vice President Rogers, sales 4800 W. 160th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44135 Tel :(216)267-8020 Fax: (216)267-9856 E-
Email: Litzlerco @ aol
Com Instrument & meter: comptreater 2000 single-ended power cord processing laboratory equipment service: field LumenX Ruiqi Hersman, market department.
Expert, 3400 Gilchrist Road.
Oh, Mogadore 44260 :(330)798-4800 Fax: (330)784-
9854 instruments: Real time x-
Ray tire inspection machine services provided: technical services, training, software programs, customer presentations, magnetic power systems for capital equipment Limited
1626 Dr. Jeff Hutchins, market manager, manufacturer
Fenton, Mo 63026 Tel :(314)343-5550 Fax: (314)326-
0608 meter: torque and tension control, clutch and brake.
Manufacturer supply companyRobert D.
Goellner 4200 Knights cross-country northern land City, Mo 63045 Tel :(314)770-0880 Fax: (314)770-
0990 instruments: laboratory testing equipment;
The starting device for dumbbell cutting;
Scraping equipment for paving boards;
Itters service with knife: Sales of 4673 NV Renault 89502 Aircenter Circle Tel :(702)827-8110 Fax: (702)827-
8283 instruments: ozone test room and monitor from Meeco
Beverly White, marketing manager at 250 Titus Ave.
PA Warrington 18976 Tel :(215)343-
6600 instrument: electrolytic moisture analyzer, electronic measuring instrument for detecting trace moisture in gases and solidsVu Corp.
Sales engineer Marc Deutsch 7909 Conde Ln.
Tel: (Windsor, CA 95492)707)838-6272 Fax: (707)838-
3985 website: Instrument: automatic size measurement of o-provided by automatic video coordinate measuring instrument
Ring, gasket, etc.
Paul Slazas, product sales manager, senior product department, Albany-MTI, 968Shaker Rd.
Latham, New York, 12110 Tel :(518)785-2464 Phone: (800)342-2203 E-
Postage: Pslazas @ mechtech.
Com instruments: quality control inspection products for displacement vibration, beat, thickness and surface condition, sensors and amplifiers MTS Systems Corp. using optical fiber, capacitance and laser technology. Pat Irwin, mgr.
Rubber testing system 14000 PhD in technology, vehicle dynamics department
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Tel :(612)937-
4000 instruments: services provided by the testing system for measuring the dynamic properties of elastic materials and components: technical consulting services, training, software programs
Edelberg 5314 North Irwindale Ave, marketing and promotion manager.
Tel: (91706)626)960-3300 Fax: (626)939-
3870 instrument: On-
Line thickness measurement and control system for rubber and calender products industry;
System from simple single
Complete point measurement of scanning system NewAge Industries, Inc.
Jeb Blair, 2300 Maryland road
PA 19090 willow forest-1799 Phone: (215)657-
6040 instruments: hardness tester for conventional and micro IRHD and durometer scales, built in SPC, RS232 output and fully automated to reduce the impact of operators on Nikon
Stephen Page, industrial department manager, 1300 Walt Whitman Road.
Tel: (Melville 11747, New York)516)547-
8500 instruments: profile projectors, video measurement systems, microscope services from marine industry companies for technical services, training, software programsAcu-
John A, Gage Systems Division
President P KaneO.
Box 6178 Manchester, NH 03108 Tel :(603)622-2481 Fax: (603)626-
1277 instrument: Acu-
Gauge I single axis linear measuring instrument with dimensions from 12 \"to 120; Acu-
Fixture II, base size 12 \"x 12\", 24 \"x 24\", 36 \"x 36\" and 36 \"x 48\", Z-
The Omega control company also provides the axis.
President Clyde Davis, 1150Stanford Ct.
CA Anaheim 92805 Tel :(714)385-
1348 instruments: water monitoring equipment services provided: technical services, training, software programs provided by Ontario mould company on the 2735thPt.
Hu long, MI 48061 Tel :(519)576-8950 Fax: (519)576-
3670 instruments: laboratory sample cutting machine, laboratory cutting machine, sample mold service provided: grinding and certification of laboratory sample cutting machine Optical Association CompanyDr. Charles D.
Dr. Turk 1425.
CA 95035 telephone :(408)263-4944 Fax: (408)263-
6387 instruments: advertising coordinator 5951 Clearwater Drive Minnetonka, MN 55343-8995 Phone: (800)848-1750 Phone: (612)933-2277 Fax: (612)933-
0141 instrument: provides ozone test chamber for continuous ozone measurement control and stripe chart recording.
Oxford Instruments, Group C of industrial analysis.
Frankovich marketing communications. 130A Baker Ave. Ext.
Concord, MA 01742 Tel :(800)447-
4717 instruments: Pacific sensor, edX-Ray, WDXRF, MDX-Ray and NMR spectrometer
Laura davera, 2301 Federal Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90064 Tel :(310)478-1134 Fax: (310)312-
0826 instruments: instruments for measuring hardness of rubber, plastic, ASTM, A, B, C, D, DO, O, OO, OOO. Services provided: technical services with standard durometer calibration and certification dating back to NIST design custom durometer Panametrics, Inc.
Anderson 221 Crescent Street.
Ma Waltham 02154 phone :(800)225-8330 or (781)899-2719 Fax: (781)899-1552 E-
Postage: Non-destructive testing @ panametrics.
Internet: www. panametrics.
Services provided: Application Laboratory, training Perkin-com instruments: thickness gauge, flaw detector, sensor, automation system, instrument serviceElmer Corp. 761 Main Ave.
Novak, CT 06859 Tel :(800)762-4000 Phone: (203)762-1000 Fax: (203)762-
6000 instruments: analytical instruments used in laboratory analysis services provided: technical services, training, software programs Princo instruments
1020 Industrial Highway.
PA South Hampton 18966 Tel :(215)355-
1500 instruments: liquid level control and level transmitter, thermometer and thermostat services available: Technical Services Pulnix America, Inc.
Sales manager Dr. Richard Hofmeister 1330 Orleans
Sunnyvale, CA 94089 Tel :(408)747-
0300 instruments: Optical positioning projector, laser projector, line array camera, matrix array camera and photoelectric sensor services provided, Inc.
234 Industrial Pkwy.
Northwell, NJ 07647 Tel :(201)768-2000 Phone: (800)468-7976 Fax: (201-768-
2570 instruments: NLW-temperature measuring equipment, hotline scanner, temperature controller, recorder and transmitter
Provide technical services, training, calibration Q-
Panel company Russell Raymond, technical services 26200 First St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44145 Tel :(216)835-
8700 instruments: QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester, QGR gravel Adhesion Tester, circulating salt spray chamber service provided: Frank E, contract testing laboratory. Randall Co. , Inc.
Henry Gardner, general manager, 248 Ash St.
Ma Waltham 02154 phone :(781)894-2030 Fax: (781)642-
9378 instrument: dial thickness gauge, No. 1 posendon Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854 Tel :(908)560-
8550 instruments: thermal analysis and laboratory flowmeter, one of which is to measure the flow properties of rubber products during extrusion, provide technical services, training, software programs for measuring dynamic mechanical rhe logic performance of uncured and cured elastic Satec systems
900 Amy soles, marketing service coordinator, Liberty Street
PA 16127-Grove City9005 Phone: (724)458-9610 Fax: (724)458-
9614 instruments: Material Testing Equipment including stretching, stress-
Relaxation, tearing, creep and fatigue services provided: validation, repair, installation, calibration and training of materials testing equipment ScanTech Corp.
Sam tarlifero, 1136 City Avenue, Manitoba
Manny Springs, CO 80829 Tel :(719)685-
9432 instruments: sensor system to verify tire steel rope spacing in the supplied assembly process service: complete system integration and automation capability Shenke Pegasus
David Sallberg, vice president of sales, sales 2890 John R Rd.
Tel: (Troy, MI 48083)810)689-
9000 instruments: dynamic spring rate, damping and durability tester services provided: contract testing services for dynamic spring rate, damping and durability Selcom, Inc.
Sven Johnson, vice president, 21654 Melrose Avenue.
South Field, MI 48075 Tel :(248)355-5900 Fax: (248)355-3283 E-
Email: Sales @ selcominc.
Com instrument: 14 non-complete lines
Industrial grade 2D measurement sensors, signal processors and other ancillary equipment services for lasers: Spectrum products for installation, training and repair services Emily Stephens, marketing manager 385 national St.
North Haven, CT 06473-3173 Phone: (203)281-
0122 instruments: rheostat, Duromate and Gravimate computer system services provided: Instrument automation and process control software, SPC and LIMS dynamics ronics, Inc. Julie A.
Zagozda, marketing manager, 6400 Atlantic Avenue.
Suite 100 Norcross, GA 30071 Tel :(770)449-7776 Fax: (770)449-
0399 instrument: quality control system;
Detection and Measurement, including tread length monitoring system, tread profile measurement system, web detection system, Fischer cutter, side wall detection system services provided: including training, installation, maintenance and support of TA Instrument CompanyJames E.
109 Dr. Lucans
Dexin Castle 19720 Tel :(302)427-4000 Fax: (302)427-4001 E-
Mail: info @ tainst
Com Internet: Instruments: thermal analysis instruments, dynamic mechanical analysis, dielectric analysis, flow meters for evaluating fluid and soft solid services provided: Technical Services Target Systems Inc.
Todd Gibbs, manager, marketing and sales 3565
West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84115 Tel :(801)262-
0651 instrument: Electric-
Perform continuous, on-optical measurement systems
On-line measurement services for continuous linear products such as hoses, pipes and rubber boards available: Technical Services, Inc.
President P. Ismail SaltukO.
Box 298 300 county road
Barrington, RI 02806 Tel :(401)245-2932 Fax: (401)245-0737 E-
Postage: Isaltuk @ aol.
Com instrument: computerized Yerzley oscilloscope (CYO-III)
Test the physical properties of rubber samples according to astm d-
945 services provided: professional company in equipment sales, maintenance and repair services, consulting and testing technologyJohn B.
President Michael S. Putman
Sales manager Beaujon 289 B. Remington Rd.
OH 44224 phone :(330)923-3546 Fax: (330)923-
6335 instruments: provided oscillating disk flowmeter, dynamic mode flowmeter, flowmeter and Mooney data acquisition and SPC analysis system, automatic density tester, tension tester, shear disc viscosity meter, tenney Engineering, laboratory data management, inc. on-site, store service and full rebuildRobert S.
Shitheman, president, 1090 Springfield Road.
Union, NJ 07083 Tel :(908)686-7870 Fax: (908)686-9205 E-
Email: rss @ tenney
Com website: Instruments: environmental test chamber services provided: sales or lease of replacement parts, environmental test chamber services and refurbished environmental test chamber test machines
Tel: (2910) 11722 Highway South Islamic Dia, NY516)842-5400 Fax: (516)842-
5220 instruments: physical tester services provided: technical services, training and testing companies
35 Marko Bruinsma, president of Ironia Rd.
Flandors, NJ 07836 Tel :(973)252-1720 Fax: (973)252-
1729 instrument: Temperature-
Instrument-based services provided: Technical Services
Albert instruments
Director Dave mujowski, 10960 Darton Road
Tel: (19154)215)637-
0100 instruments: general testing machine, tearing tester and sample cutting machine services provided: technical services, training, software programs of company Equipment CompanyO.
WA 1008 Camas Box 98607 Tel :(360)834-2345 Fax: (360)834-5865 E-
Postage: tidland @ tidland.
Internet: www. tidland.
Com instruments: Shaft, Chuck, slitting equipment provided for relaxation, middle and Rewind application services: technical services, training, maintenance contracts
Sherlock, sales manager. O.
Box 429 Easton Road
PA 19090 willow forest-0429 Phone: (215)675-
7100 instrument and instrument: pull pressure testing machine service: John Billings of technical service, software ultrasound array, President 18562 142nd Avenue. , N. E.
WA Woodinville 98072 Tel :(206)481-6611 Fax: (206)481-
4455 instrument: Non-Ultrasonic
Contact thickness and distance measurement systems available, optional SPC software packaging, computer system services: technical services, installation services
Director of Operations, Dr. Cromer, 5802 engineer
Tel: (Huntington Beach, CA 92649)714)895-
6396 instruments: Material Testing System Services provided: Calibration of test systems and various force equipment.
Joint testing systems
Dr. Robert Erskine 5171 exchange
MI, MI 48507 Tel :(810)732-2800 Fax: (810)732-
2872 instruments: Material Testing system providing hardness, stretching and compression services: Calibration and certification of hardness and various force testing systems4485 Allen Rd.
Stow, OH 44224 Tel :(330)929-8800 Fax: (330)929-
7254 instruments: indoor high-speed endurance wheel tester, tire wear tester, composite wear tester, static tire tester, wheel fatigue tester, tire force-
And Rolling Resistance Tester H. W. Wallace Inc. P. O.
Box 5400 Akron, OH 44334-0400 Phone: (330)864-2347 Fax: (330)864-
4134 instruments: Wear, fatigue, material, processing performance, resistance, thickness, hardness tester for Wiegand Blvd 1000 WIKA instruments.
Lawrence Ville, Georgia 30043-5868 Phone: 1-888-WIKA-USA Phone: (770)513-8200 Fax: (770)338-
5118 instruments: pressure and vacuum gauge, indicating switch, transmitter and sensor, chemical seal/gauge isolation system, thermometer and thermometerW. R.
Marketing manager Dr. Barron 70 Domino
Concord, MA 01742 Tel :(508)369-
9607 instrument: non
Wilson Shore Instruments, Div contact temperature measurement sensor.
Ed toberski, vice president of sales, 100 Royal Street
Guangdong, MA 02021 Tel :(617)575-6000 Fax: (617)575-
5770 instruments: hardness tester, testing machine providing tensile strength testing services: technical services, training Carl Zeiss
, Microscope Div. 1 Zeiss Dr.
As an official, NY 10594 Tel :(800)233-2343 Fax: (914)681-
7446 instruments: Microscope for checking surface properties, image analysis equipment services provided: technical services, training, software programs Zumbach Electronics Corp.
Sen Ernest Henzi
Vice President of Marketing, Kisco Ave 140.
Keith Hill, New York 10549-1412 Phone: (914)241-7080 Fax: (914)241-7096 E-
Email: Sales @ zumbach
Com instrument: non
Wall thickness monitoring/control system based on contact diameter gauge, ultrasonic and eddy current for hoses, cable sheaths, tubes and pipes;
Table diameter measuring instrument for QCnon-
Thickness gauge for contact sheet;
OD/ID/wall monitoring system with color display, optical block/neck detector, cable spark tester, inductive wire preheater;
SQC/SPC data collection reporting and recording system and PC link network software from Zwick, USA
Jim yobin, sales managerO. Box 630 E.
Tel: (Windsor, CT 06088)203)623-9475 Fax: (203)623-
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