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The following catalogue lists suppliers of instruments and test equipment for the rubber industry, providing addresses, contacts, types of instruments and test equipment, and services.
Instruments: Machining testing instruments: thermal transfer technical services provided: thermal transfer technical instruments: Tire uniformity equipment, non-
Services provided: technical services, training instruments: instruments for fatigue, tensile and processing performance testing instruments: instruments for thickness measurement-
Hand-held sub-meter, non-hand-held sub-meter and digital desktop comparator
Contact acuflow air measurement for in-
Process and work table;
Electronic reading
Available services: Application Engineering instruments: Process measurement technology, pneumatic controller, electronic process transmitter, calibration equipment. Services provided: technical services, training instruments software program instruments: materials testing equipment for rubber and plastics services including calibration design and manufacturing or special testing equipment instruments: creep/stress break testing machine, Universal Tensile testing machine, pressure testing system, fatigue testing machine, furnace and oven for testing and processing, elastic extenders and special testing equipment services provided: Technical Service instruments: molecular force probe;
Scanning probe microscope;
Gold slides instruments: a complete series of environmental and material testing instruments that can simulate the radiation energy, temperature, salt spray, moisture and other components of the natural environment, providing a full range of physical testing instruments: technical services, training instruments: PVT (pressure-vibration-thermal)
Standard service for durability of coolant hoses provided: design and manufacture of test equipment for component durability, auditing and functional testing;
Leakage and burst testing equipment with data acquisition capability instruments: equipment for measuring and/or controlling density, specific gravity, solid percentage, concentration percentage, viscosity and liquid level instruments: automatic sealing and o-
Ring detection system for surface defects and dimensions instruments: automatic seals and o-
Ring detection system for surface defects and dimensional inspection instruments: heat treatment equipment, industrial equipment services provided: technical services, training instruments: flowmeter, Douro meter, viscosity meter, tension tester, test mold laboratory oven, hardness, bending, fatigue, aging, wear, impact, laboratory pressure, cutting machine, available: technical services, training, software programs, brittle tester and plaster meter for repairing and rebuilding test instruments, TR tester, specific gravity tester, test tube and glassware, test fixture and grips and laboratory information management system instruments: non-contact, laser-
Instruments based on size measurement: dynamic stress relaxation instrument, flexometer Model 11, Portable Universal tester, mixer monitoring system, cutting and chip tester.
Services provided: technical service training, calibration instruments: instruments for dynamic/thermal mechanical and processing performance testing instruments: laboratory testing equipment for rubber testing, including research on processing performance, dispersion, mixing, R & D provided and curing and density of QCServices: Testing Laboratory instruments: using laser scattering, disk centrifugal, laser scanner and dynamic image analysis
The dynamic potential analysis was carried out by the particle electric swimming device and the flow potential;
Applications include pigment and carbon black services provided: technical support instruments: providing a wide range of non-
Contact measuring product for measuring finished tire and tire parts insideline and off-Line capacity.
Some examples are the joint width, tread length, extrusion molding and side wall bump and electric tooth services provided: installation and training of instruments: UV light system for processing services
Automatic hydraulic press)
Instrument: Shaw hardness tester, scraping spoon (ODR)
Rheinland data system of Mooney viscosity meter, Mooney and Rheinland meter, new recorder of ODRs, ASTM mould, mould, cutter, XDR Mooney viscosity meter, XDR-MDR-
Mobile mold flow analyzer, XDR disk spectrometer, OREC ozone chamber and monitor calibration services available: certified registered thickness meter for Coast hardness tester, Mooney viscosity meter, all flow meters and recorders, tension tester, A2LA Certified Calibration Laboratory and ISO 9002 (OREC OZONE)
Services provided: manufacturing instruments: microwave acceptance testing, microwave curing equipment services: Technical Services for microwave technical instruments: testing instruments for rubber, plastic and polyurethane foam instruments: fluid resistance, fatigue, wear, tear, stretch, processing performance and ozone resistance test instruments: Materials service test equipment provided: application help for material testing;
Service and maintenance of testing equipment and instruments: environmental test chamber, curing and testing services provided: technical services, training instruments: ASTM, sample cutting molds for DIN, JAP, TAPPY and test equipment services provided by mold: re-regulation and re-calibration of test mold and mold instruments: scanning probe, atomic energy microscope, supplied test system, computer control to manual system, power meter, load cell, software Reserve: sales, service and technical assistance instruments: temperature measuring equipment and thermocouple sensor services provided: Technical Services, standard and custom design, foam endurance tester for tools, molds and mold repair instruments, ASTM 1055 load deflection testerServices provides technical services, training instruments and meters: distribution analyzer for the determination of carbon particles scattered in rubber products, tires, stereo measuring equipment, and roundness measuring equipment, measuring equipment according to the surface finish of astm d-
2663 methods provided CServices: technical services provided, training, computer software program instruments and meters: rubber testing machine, wear/Adhesion Tester, wire tester, comprehensive chemical and physical representation capabilities of hystereisservices, and component testing services provided: engineering consulting, material recommendation and selection, testing and analysis, material representation instruments: electronic moisture measurement system for the entire synthetic rubber service package provided: technical services, training, software programs, synthetic rubber testing equipment instruments: ASTM sample molds, presses, cut surface services provided: Re-leveling, re-polishing, certified instruments: Laboratory-
ASTM mold, custom rubber mold services provided: Fixtures and fixtures, molds and rotors, processing consultants, R & D, custom machinery, manufacturing and design cutting molds, machining and copying out-of-date gear and parts meters: elstograph Vario curemeter, Rheovulkameter process-
Capacity tester, capillary flow tester 1000, rheostat 6000 instruments: Tensile Tester, Rheostat and laboratory oven instruments: Spark detection/extinguishing system, thickness measurement system, layered detection system, Cyclone plug
Up Detection System instruments: industrial ovens, test rooms, Heat Meter Services provided: technical services, training, engineering instruments: services provided by ozone test rooms, wear testers, elasticity testers, IFD and CFD foam: sales and Service instruments: non
Contact measuring sensor and control system;
Industrial resistance testing equipment;
Digital process control system; laboratory-
Grade resistance testing services provided: Monitoring of extrusion dimensions for size control and shrinkage measurement, inspection of hole instruments: Oven, environmental test chamber, incubatorsServices offer: technical services, training of manufacturing instruments: material Test instrument: temperature instrument (
Alarm, monitor, controller, etc. )
Services provided: services provided by maintenance company equipment and instruments: laboratory sample cutting machine, laboratory cutting machine, sample mold: sharpening and certification of laboratory sample cutting machine instruments: fatigue, tearing and tensile testing;
Raw material testing instruments and vulcanization and non-vulcanization rubber testing instruments: Universal Tensile and compression testing machines, Servo Hydraulic machines used to determine the dynamic performance of elastic materials, handles, extenders, and environmental services provided: technical services, training, software programs, load and extension meter verification that can be traced back to NIST instruments: Liu 5000 SPL flow comparison instrument: tension test instrument: contact angle meter for rubber, surface tension analyzer, hardness tester-
Type of material used to measure the drying of bones to complete saturation, infrared thermometer, microwave moisture analyzer (
0 to 100% moisture)
, Metering-
UV and visual services provided: Technical Services instruments: more than 44 non-contact laser-
Measurement-based sensors for various online and offline applications;
These include radial runout at full speed production;
Imitation green rubber with high silicon content;
Tire side wall and inspection;
Thickness control of calender rubber
Detection of joint width;
Analysis of tread wear
Extrusion profile and profile side wall bumps and dents provided and many other services: installation, training and support services; OEM mixer; durometer;
Services provided: rubber testing and results consultation;
Composite development service instruments: dimension measuring products designed to improve production efficiency and product quality;
Products include gauge for measuring diameter, speed and length, inspection system for flaw detection, profile and 100% length. durometer)
H12, micro hardness tester (IRHD), H17 (durometer);
Pocket hardness tester (
Durometer & IRHD);
Density meter X21;
Rapid plasma meter P14;
D15, compression stress relaxation instrument C11;
O7E and O14 aging rooms;
Thickness gauge;
Tester for wear, compression deformation, low temperature, plasticity and toughness;
Sample preparation equipment services provided: calibration, service and repair of all Wallace instruments, regional agents across the United StatesS. (
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Instrument: hardness tester H14 (IRHD), H17 (durometer);
Hardness Tester H12 (IRHD), H17 (durometer);
Pocket hardness tester (
Durometer and IRHD);
Density meter X21;
Rapid plasma meter P14;
D15 dynamic mode flow meter;
Compression stress relaxation instrument C11;
O7E and O14 aging rooms;
Thickness gauge;
Tester for wear, compression, low temperature;
Plastic and toughness;
Sample preparation equipment services provided: calibration, service and maintenance of all Wallace instruments, representative instruments worldwide: Oven, environmental chamber instruments: Resistance Temperature Detector instruments: radiation thermometer instruments: hardness tester, testing Machines for tensile strength testing services provided: technical services, training instruments: Analytical and reversing balances, rope tester, coating tester, compression tester, dulomi, elastic tester;
Instruments and meters for other laboratories and testing equipment: autoclave, process simulator instruments and meters: tire x-image analysis equipment
Ray inspection system services provided: technical services, training and software program instruments: a microscope used to detect surface properties;
Image analysis equipment services provided: technical services, training, software program meters: non-
Wall thickness monitoring/control system based on contact diameter gauge, ultrasonic and eddy current for hoses, cable sheaths, tubes and pipes;
Table diameter measuring instrument for QCnon-
Thickness gauge for contact sheet;
OD/ID/wall monitoring system with color display, optical block/neck detector, cable spark tester, inductive wire preheater;
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