Is Sinowon an OBM?
Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. has some things under our own brands to improve corporate value, for example, universal tensile testing machine . For all these parts, we're accountable for everything from manufacturing and production, supply chain, delivery, and promotion. Our firm is a business worthy of focus, dedicated to creating world-class goods and providing services that are personalized. We offer our clients with the maximum quality products in a stylish fashion, which helps us build a strong foothold in the national and worldwide markets.

Sinowon is a dynamic and fast-moving company specializing in manufacturing mechanical testing machine. We have proven that we are one of the market leaders in China. The Toolmakers Microscope is one of the main products of Sinowon. By placing a set of uniform springs inside layers of upholstery, this product is imbued with a firm, resilient, and uniform texture. More than 10,000 pcs have been delivered and installed. By providing the high quality of mechanical testing machine, Sinowon strives to improvise the policy of the company. The production is supported by professional engineers.

We are a professional vickers hardness machine supplier with a strong influence on our market. Ask!
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