Is the image measuring instrument manual or fully automatic?

by:Sinowon     2021-05-04
Is the image measuring instrument manual or fully automatic?

   Image measuring instruments are divided into manual image measuring instruments and fully automatic image measuring instruments. Customers often consult us. What is the difference between manual and automatic machines? When is it suitable for hand-driven machines and when to use automatic machines?

  Is the image measuring instrument manual or fully automatic? It mainly depends on the measurement needs of the enterprise and the company's budget. Of course, the automatic image measuring instrument is better for the high budget. Because the automatic image measuring instrument is easy to operate, quick to measure, short in time, fast to measure full size, with higher accuracy and small error. The manual image measuring instrument requires manual rocker measurement, which is time consuming, and the operation is naturally not as convenient as fully automatic.

  Of course, in the industry where the customer is located, it is recommended to use a hand-driven machine or an automatic machine for quality requirements. If it is used for random inspection, the quality requirement is not high, the measurement requirement is not high, and it is only used occasionally. We recommend that the customer use a manual image measuring instrument; if the customer’s production requirement is full inspection and the quantity is relatively large, we It is recommended that customers use a fully automatic image measuring instrument.

  The automatic image measuring instrument adopts automatic measurement software, programmable automatic detection and measurement, which greatly improves the measurement efficiency. Automatic zoom lens, without manual re-calibration after automatic zoom, no need to re-calibrate, computer automatically recognizes, automatically takes points, auto-focus, and uses embedded module to control the motor, which improves the response speed of the motor and simplifies the instrument The interface with the PC, the PC and the instrument are connected through the USB cable and the S-terminal cable.

  Manual image measuring instrument requires people to manually operate, manually take points, and manually focus. As long as the operation that you think is involved, there will inevitably be errors, and the measured results will naturally not be stable by automatic machines. . But the manual machine is simple to operate, easy to train and easy to use, and the price is cheap, which is the advantage of the manual machine.

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