Jim Corbett Reserve was the first in India to

by:Sinowon     2020-07-01
Kumaon as an area was very much in the danger of the murderous tigers. It was then that a legendary hunter came as a savior and chased out numerous of those man-eating creatures. After this, people of that region thought of him as a God sent person for their rescue and thus, regarded him a lot. This man was Corbett who besides hunting down the tigers also did a lot for conserving them. The Jim Corbett National Park is the best destination for those who are even slightly fascinated by the wildlife, especially the family of wild cats. With an unsurpassed tiger population, the park is the ideal location to trace the mysterious animals. Even if day-trippers are fortunate enough to find the tigers, the park has a lot more to present to them. Prosperous meadows, diverse winged populace and varied creatures make the park an attention-grabbing bio hot spot. The park has a striking location at the foothills of the Himalayas Mountain Range on the banks of river Ramanganga. The park has been designed in such a way that it appeals all the tourists visiting it. There are machaans spotted all over the region which makes it easy for the holidaymakers to mount on them to put on height and catch a good sight of wildlife. Tourists must carry a binocular with them to enjoy the good views of the avian population in this reserve. As the trip to the National Park without a guide can be dangerous, you must opt for a guided Jim Corbett national park tour to ensure your safety as well as the guides are well-acquainted with the reserve and will make you catch some of the best glimpses. Tourists can look out for Jim Corbett packages on the net and select the one which suits them as per their budget. So get the one and make the most of this great National Park.
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