Keith Siddle is an artist who has focused his

by:Sinowon     2020-07-12
Soon Keith began to realize the importance of being known for his own works so he left the studio and began to be known as a professional artist. After working on the most common subjects of beautiful scenic art and colourful subjects Keith felt the need to concentrate on one particular topic so he could be known for his work and create a mark. Soon he became drown towards the mesmerizing beauty of fishes. He felt that they had majestic natural colours that need to be given attention in the form of art. Since then Fishes have formed up to be a major subject either in abstract form , realism or been used as a background. Keith Siddle's status as a professional artist has grown constantly over the years as several of his articles have appeared in German, British and Japanese publications. He has also been exhibition around the globe with the exquisite range of art that is colourful and vibrant which is why they are loved all over the world. He was once invited to a famous fish breeder in Nigata, Japan where he got a chance to view the most unique and beautiful fishes in the world from a close view that helped him commission many of art paintings. During the coming years Keith became a member of The Fine Art Trade Guild which enabled him to attend many Art Trade Shows which made him diversify into using his imagery as posters and art prints without diluting the value of his oil paintings. Keiths works involved anatomically correct imagery of fishes painted to create fresh, dynamic and eye catching art work for wall decor. He is well known to well research each of his paintings which usually takes him six to eight months to complete as his repeated strokes give a 3D effect to the onlooker. Keith is also believed to be highly inspired by famous art masters Van Gough, Norman Rockwell and Dev Doolittle.
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