laser sensor market worth $863 million by 2024 - exclusive report by marketsandmarkets™

by:Sinowon     2020-01-26
By 2024, the market value of laser sensors was $0. 863 billion.
Exclusive coverage of MarketsandMarkets™Chicago, May 15, 2019 Chicago, May 15, 2019/PRNewswire /--
According to the new market research report on the \"laser sensor market, by providing (
Hardware and software and services), Type (
Compact structure, SuperCompact), Application (
Manufacturing plant management and automation and safety monitoring), End-
User industry and geography
Global Forecast by 2024 released by MarketsandMarkets™It is expected that by 2019, the market for theLaser sensors will grow to US dollars from US $0. 535 billion in 2024;
The annual compound growth rate is expected to be 10. 0%.
The main factors driving market growth include the emergence of industry 4.
0 and intelligent manufacturing, the government has more and more measures for automation, and the demand for laser sensors in the food manufacturing industry is also increasing.
Required PDF manual: the hardware and software department holds the largest share during the forecast period. Manufacturing inspection applications require sensors to address demand measurement and quality control tasks, whereas previously, detection applications needed to simply detect the presence and absence of objects.
Laser sensors can be used in a variety of materials, reflective surfaces and colors, allowing manufacturers to collect continuous measurements on applications involving moving processes, stamping or machine parts and soft or sticky parts at multiple ends
User industries such as transportation, food and beverage, aviation and electronic manufacturing.
As players are increasingly focused on smart and micro products, coupled with the design in response to modern production technologies, the laser sensor market is gaining momentum, which helps improve the reliability of the overall product.
In order to witness rapid growth during the forecast period, the main applications of laser sensors for manufacturing plant management and automation applications are Automation and production control, as well as measurement such as displacement, distance and positioning.
This makes laser sensors highly adopted in manufacturing plant management and automation applications.
The reason why automation factories in the automotive and food and beverage industries are increasingly adopting improved and enhanced range of laser sensors is to ensure high accuracy, and thickness of measurements such as height, diameter, etc.
Laser sensors are also useful in monitoring and measuring tasks in factory automation, electronic manufacturing, and vehicle structures.
The Asia-Pacific region is expected to have the largest market for laser sensors. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to have the largest market share in 2019.
Due to the increase in demand in the automotive industry, the region has been occupying the dominant position in the laser sensor market, occupying the largest market size, and the region plans to have advanced integration capabilities by 2020, and reach a digital level of about 80%.
Therefore, it can improve the level of automation and realize industry 4.
O the automotive industry in the region. Browse in-
Sample page for the deep TOC 71-table52-figures800-PagesRequest report on \"laser sensor market\": the main participants in the laser sensor market include keenshi (Japan),Micro-Epsilon (Germany)
Ifm electronics (Germany)
Rockwell Automation Co. , Ltd. (US)
Panasonic Corporation (US)
Omron Corporation (Japan), SmartRay GmbH (Germany)
Schmitt Industrial Co. , Ltd. (US)
Flag engineering company. (US)
Baomeng Electric Appliance Co. , Ltd (Switzerland)
, And LAP Laser Applications (Germany),among others.
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And geography.
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