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by:Sinowon     2020-07-07
Presently the basic types of microscopes for learning are monocular biologic and stereoscopic devices. They are similar in possessing rather good technical parameters along with having a reasonable price, which is very important in this case. However, they have some differences due to peculiarities of their construction. For instance, a biologic monocular microscope is particularly good for examining small objects and specially prepared micro slides. A stereoscopic one, in its turn, has the advantage of better macro objects' representation. At the same time, the image will be three-dimensional, which is more common for a human eye. Apart from that, working with a monocular model has its peculiarities. In this case, preliminary preparation of the specimen is very often needed, which takes much time and requires special equipment, including specimen tables, tweezers, blades, coloring substances and so on. In the process of working the pupils will get the idea of how meticulous and complex research can be, and how carefully one should do it in order to get the appropriate result. It is also necessary to take note of the fact that safe work with this equipment requires certain attention and effort, as mistuning of this device can harm your eyesight, and this is particularly true for children. Stereoscopic kids microscopes are especially dangerous in this case, as precise adjustment of interpupillary distance is required for their normal work. Kids microscope manufacturers Microscopes produced by BRESSER are a series of Bresser JUNIOR kids microscopes designated for young micro world explorers. The model range includes kids' microscopes designated mainly for primary and middle school age, as well as models for senior students. German quality of optics and a wide choice of accessories already included into the basic equipment ensures constant interest of your kid to the micro world. An American company named Levenhuk is very well-known at the market: its first microscopes were introduced to the broad audience in 2002. By the present moment the model range of microscopes has not only been extended, but also has been functionally improved. The quality of optics used in each optical device, as well as a great number of additional accessories and affordable price have remained unchanged. The most popular models at the moment are biologic kids microscopes LEVENHUK 3L NG and LEVENHUK 50L NG. And, of course, Levenhuk's exclusive microscopes with colored body. The company produces a wide range of models: biologic, digital, school, laboratory and toolmaker's ones. Micromed is a brand name of the 'Optical Devices' company founded in1992 inSt.-Petersburg,Russia. Under this brand name the company produces a wide range of microscopes designated for solving various tasks. Micromed microscopes are biologic, digital, stereoscopic, polarization and metallographic optical devices used in science, medicine, and criminal investigation. The same microscopes are suitable for home research: examining micro world, teaching kids. They can also be very useful for school and university laboratories for training programs. Motic Company has been involved into producing microscopes from 1988. Nowadays it is a large holding having its representative offices all over the world. The range of its products is great: digital microscopes, biologic, kids microscopes, as well as professional models with 'infinite' optics. All the products made by Motic are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards.
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