linear scale export destinations
The demand for linear scale has been growing rapidly, and its export destinations are also widely spread around the world. As one of the most popular products in China, it has been widely sold all over the world for its first-class quality and has a worldwide reputation. With China's close ties with the world, the export volume of products is increasing, which requires manufacturers to develop and produce more and better products to meet the needs of global consumers.

Ranking a top position, Sinowon Innovation Metrology Manufacture Limited. plays an important role in leading the development of hardness tester industry. As one of Sinowon's multiple product series, digital measuring device series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. This product comes with optimal contrast. It surface enhances brightness while filtering out ambient light to create a realistic image. Its quality and accuracy are improved every year. Effective service provided by professional staff can be guaranteed in Sinowon. The product performs well in program control and material use reduction.

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