Made in China, China, Share_Image Measurement: Shrinking of the Global Share of Made in China--The Way Out for China's Manufacturing Industry

by:Sinowon     2021-05-18

Recently I saw a story about a Chinese-American: She recently bought 7 pieces of clothes, 5 tops, and two pants for her daughter. When she went home, she opened the sign and found that only one of the 7 clothes was Nike pants. Manufactured, the other pieces of clothing were produced in Vietnam, Indonesia, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Thailand. Once upon a time, almost all of these sportswear in American stores were affixed with the 'Made in China' trademark, but now they have fallen to such a small number, indicating that these branded clothing has completed the 'big retreat' from China, and in other countries Successfully 'set up a factory'. Although the apparel manufacturing industry in this example is a low-end manufacturing industry, although the loss of its status in some low-end manufacturing industries is not enough to shake China's position in the entire global manufacturing industry, it also deserves our vigilance. In 2015, China's manufacturing industry accounted for 20% of the global manufacturing industry. The transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry should also form a dominant position in the mid-to-high-end manufacturing market, so as to defend China's status as a strong manufacturing country and allow China to compete in the international business landscape. Be neutral and invincible. Mingwei Vision Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in products such as two-dimensional image measuring instruments, one-button image measuring instruments, and non-standard image measuring equipment customization. The company is committed to improving the level of China’s manufacturing industry as its own responsibility, continuously investing research and development funds, and Improve products to serve the Chinese manufacturing industry.

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