make your own *really* cheap interferometer

by:Sinowon     2020-01-09
Hello Everyone!
Welcome to another guide of \"Let\'s innovate.
In this note I will guide you in making your own very cheap interferometer.
Highlight the \"very cheap\" part because you can buy a lot of expensive kits, but by following this tutorial you will be able to make your own interferometer that won\'t cost you anything
It doesn\'t even take that much time to set up!
This project is part of my CAIE science program.
I hope you find it interesting.
I don\'t know what an interferometer is?
No problem, just take a look at this and you will be very eager for these things: Subscribe to our channel: Will love some support on the channel. Thank you!
These are the things I \'ve used: I borrowed the laser from a friend of mine.
This is an expensive laser indicator with good focus, but you don\'t need to be expensive for your focus.
Those very cheap pointers from ebay will also be very effective.
Like this: those small keychain can be used.
I would say choose the green laser indicator, but there won\'t be any problem with any other color either.
The laser indicator is cylindrical and has been rolling all the time, so I used some rubber bands to tie it to a piece of wood to add some height.
You can use anything to prevent it from rolling like cardboard.
I just broke a small mirror about the mirror (very carefully)
Split into two usable small pieces and stick to some wood to stay stable. (
It doesn\'t matter to stick them on wood, you can use cardboard).
I then put the hard board next to my laser indicator.
After that, I played some games.
Dough directly in front of the laser pen.
The mirror is placed above the theaterdough now.
The next step is to turn on the laser indicator and patch it with a mirror so that the beam is directly reflected back into the lens of the laser.
You will notice the use of play-
The dough helps a lot because its soft paste properties are easily deformed under weight.
Probably the most important part of the Michael son interferometer is the beam splitter.
The splitters are very expensive and not accessible anywhere, so I made the thick splitters myself.
This is a cheap CD cover.
Place it with some double sided tape at the estimated 45 degree angle between the laser and the Mirror.
Make sure the splitters run on the hard board as the second mirror must be placed on the hard board.
The CD cover works perfectly!
It\'s a tricky part, but using the same technology --
Dough, you can pass easily. Put some play-
Dough in split direction.
Now put the second mirror in the play. dough.
You need to adjust the mirror again, but the beam reflected this time needs to fight back directly where there is a bright spot on the CD cover (beam splitter).
Once you have completed this step, you can use this instrument!
Take your device to a dark room and power the laser.
Look carefully in the direction of interference (
Perpendicular to the first beam of light I. e.
Laser and first mirror part, directly in front of second mirror). {
You need a wall close in the direction of interference}.
You will see light and dark circles.
It has an amazing similarity to the water Print, isn\'t it?
The instrument uses the Potter nature of light for accurate measurement.
For more information, check this page: Touch the mirror gently and the interference pattern will change.
You can also speak and you will see a change in the interference mode.
This instrument is very sensitive. It is used to detect gravitational waves.
Take a look at LIGO: just made your own precision measuring tool at a very cheap price.
You can also move the mirror back and forth and make distance measurements within the wavelength range.
This tool can also be used to check the lens.
What you can do with this tool is unlimited, so make your own quick!
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