Male baldness is a problem that has been sought

by:Sinowon     2020-06-27
Modern hair transplant surgery consists of transferring about 1500 grafts, which contain about 4 hairs. They are placed in the treated area of the head so they can naturally grow again. These follicles are taken from behind the patients head. A strip which measures 12 mm wide by 75mm in length is used for this procedure. The number of strips taken depends of the number of grafts required according to the surgeon. The scarring that the strip leaves is not noticeable, unless the person is subject to a closer examination. The grafts that are created are placed on a petri dish, ready for the surgeon to transfer on to the bald area of the head. Only single hair micrografts are used to make the front hairline appear natural. However, the rest of the area is covered with minigrafts that contain four hairs. The Mantis stereo viewing system is used around the world for tasks such as dental manufacture, dissection, sample handling, inspection, quality control and others with its popular low magnification viewing. A user friendly magnifier is equipped in the device with a 2x to 10x zoom capability. With eyepieceless technology, the Mantis viewing system can be used by operators wearing spectacles or contact lenses, which is not the case when using a regular binocular microscope. The device is designed ergonomically to allow optimal posture at the same time providing optical performance that delivers high clarity images. This nifty feature allows the Mantis Microscope user to be effective and comfortable during extended periods.
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