Many people may ask why eyeglasses are so expensive

by:Sinowon     2020-06-19
Firstly, when it comes to selecting the frames, I suggest you choose a branded one. You can visit the local shops to choose which one you like. I used to a famous optical shop where a frames priced 3000 Yuan while 700 online. Very ridiculous, isn't it? Once you decided which one you what to buy, you should remember the numbers of the frame. Then you can order it online. As we know, once you enter an optical shop, there's people recommend many branded lenses to you such as Zeiss, Nikon, and Essillor. They are not bad but priced too high while that online are much cheaper. However, many lenses company do not allow them to be sold online, so it is reasonable that some online optical shops tell you they can not send you lenses with original package. Therefore you may worry about the quality of your lenses. However, choosing a reputable online optical store can expel your doubts. When it comes to the accuracy of your prescription online, there is no reason to worry about in that you can get your latest prescription from your eye doctor after a vision test. You may say that many optical shops do not offer your prescription before making sure you buy eyeglasses there. Easy to solve! You can directly go to Eye hospital to get what you want at little cost. And then happily order what you want from online optical shops. Now, you may ask me to recommend some reputable online optical shops to you. If I really do it, some people may say that I am here to advertise. So I'd better say nothing about that. In fact you can get some useful information from some online micro blogs.
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