Measuring instrument, high-tech_Introduction to the use of high-tech two-dimensional measuring instrument

by:Sinowon     2021-04-26

The two-dimensional image measuring instrument, also known as the precision image surveying and mapping instrument, is an upgraded product of optical measurement projectors. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional projectors and is a new type of integration of optical, mechanical, electrical, and computer image technology. High-precision, high-tech measuring instrument; the object to be measured is mainly magnified and imaged by an optical microscope at high magnification, and the magnified image of the object is transmitted to the computer through the CCD camera system, and then professional measurement software can be used to efficiently detect various complex workpieces Contour, surface shape, size, angle and position, and can input measurement data into AUTOCAD, WORD, EXCEL; two-dimensional is widely used in machinery, electronics, aerospace, mold, plastics, hardware and other industries. It is a factory enterprise One of the indispensable measurement tools such as research institutes and measurement institutes. How to use the two-dimensional measuring instrument How to use the two-dimensional measuring instrument. At present, there are many domestic manufacturers that produce two-dimensional elements. The model brands are endless, but the principles are all the same. The whole machine is mainly divided into software part and hardware body part. The hardware is mainly composed of several parts, CCD camera, optical lens, XYZ axis transmission system, optical ruler, and data processing system. The software part is mainly to meet all the two-dimensional size measurement functions. The focus of learning how to use the second element lies in the software. Since the interface of the two-dimensional software produced by each manufacturer is different, the operation will be slightly different. I will describe the basic functions below. If you want to learn more, provide the name of the software you are currently using. As long as you learn how to use a kind of two-dimensional software and have a little computer knowledge, you can understand other models at a glance. Introduction to the use of high-tech two-dimensional measuring instrument. Basic functions of the software: 1. Element measurement: multi-point measurement of points, lines, circles, arcs, angles, ellipses, measurement of rectangles with a specified number of points, automatic identification of points, lines, circles, and arcs. 2. Element structure: center point structure, intersection structure, midpoint structure, line structure, circle structure, angle structure. 3. Element presets: point, line, circle, arc. 4. Graphics processing: coordinate translation, workpiece straightening. 5. Align any axis and reset the coordinate system. 6. Graphics zoom in, graphics zoom out, graphics translation, graphics printing graphics selected, unselected, graphics deleted. 7. Set zoom in, graphics zoom out, graphics printing circle is selected, unselected, graphics deleted. 8. Set the image's grayscale, saturation, contrast, and save the image in BMP format. 9. A variety of edge seeking modes, the computer automatically picks up points, and automatically recognizes circles and arcs, greatly improving the speed of picking points.

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