Measuring instrument, light source, image_light source of detailed explanation of image measuring instrument technology

by:Sinowon     2021-04-27

Light source of detailed explanation of image measuring instrument technology: The light source lighting system is the main factor that affects the input of the machine vision system, which directly affects the quality of the input data and the application effect. The light source lighting system does not simply illuminate the object, it needs to have the following characteristics or requirements. (1) Highlight the characteristics of the object as much as possible. (2) Enhancing the contrast between the FI target area and the background area can effectively segment the image. (3) Spectral requirements The peak wavelength of the spectral power distribution of the light source should be consistent with the sensitive wavelength of the optoelectronic device. (4) Intensity requirements The light intensity will affect the exposure of the camera wingman. Insufficient light means that the contrast will be lower. You need to increase the magnification, so that the noise will also be amplified at the same time, and the aperture of the lens may be increased, so the depth of field Will decrease. Conversely, too high light intensity will waste energy and cause heat dissipation problems. (5) Uniformity requirements. In all machine vision applications, uniform illumination is required. As all light sources increase in distance and deviate from the illumination angle, their illumination intensity decreases. When lighting, it will bring greater problems, sometimes only the center of the field of view can be kept uniform. (6) The change of the object position does not affect the quality of the adult body. When the object is moved within a certain range during the measurement, the lighting effect will not be affected.

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