Measuring instrument, light source, image_two-dimensional image measuring instrument detailed explanation of the color of the light source

by:Sinowon     2021-04-27

MISION Vision has a deep understanding of the importance of light sources in visual inspection during the development of the two-dimensional image measuring instrument and visual inspection. MISION visually sorts out the following classifications of light source colors in the visual inspection process: the color of the light source Usually contains two meanings, sodium color table and color rendering. Generally, the color you see when directly observing the light source is called the color table of the light source. For example, the color table of high-pressure sodium lamps is yellow, and the color table of fluorescent lamps is white. When this light source is used to illuminate an object, the color of the object (that is, the color sensation produced by the reflected light of the object in the human eye) and the color of the object under full radiant illumination are the same as the color Chromaticity. The color of the light source of the image measuring instrument technology is obviously, the color of the light source is related to the luminous wavelength, and the multi-color light source such as sunlight, incandescent lamp, tungsten halogen lamp, etc. generally emits white light, which has good color rendering and is suitable for more color discrimination requirements. High occasions, such as used in industries such as color imaging, color printing and dyes. High-pressure mercury lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, etc. have poor color rendering properties, and they are used in roads, tunnels, docks and other occasions with low color discrimination requirements. There are also monochromatic light sources, such as Hc-Nc laser for red, krypton lamp and sodium lamp for yellow, deuterium light for purple, etc., where a monochromatic light source is required.

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