Measuring instrument, manual, image_Manual image measuring instrument is no longer favored by enterprises

by:Sinowon     2021-04-26

Manual image measuring instrument is a kind of measurement equipment that is gradually being eliminated. Due to manual operation, uncontrollable errors and other reasons, and with the development of the image measuring instrument industry, manual instruments are not a representative of advanced productivity in the entire manufacturing industry. Here, Mingwei Vision introduces the shortcomings and general situation of manual image measuring instruments. It is hoped that when companies choose testing equipment, they can make objective assessments based on their own measurement needs and make decisions that are truly beneficial to the company. The manual image measuring instrument has the following three points, which makes it gradually unable to meet the detection requirements of modern manufacturing: the measurement result of the manual image measuring instrument is random and poor in accuracy. It does not mean that the accuracy of the manual image measuring instrument itself is problematic, but it has to be specific to the specific product. In addition to the accuracy limitation of the manual image measuring instrument itself, the error caused by human operation is an important source of its accuracy error. In the measurement, manual image measuring instrument requires a lot of human participation: manual movement of the work platform, no computer assistance, relying solely on human eye judgment to extract primitives, manual focusing, etc. Due to the low degree of intelligence of the manual image measuring instrument, especially in terms of software functions, it cannot realize intelligent image scanning and calculation. Instead, it relies on manual judgment to extract manually: each person extracts manually according to their own human eye judgment, which causes Measurement results vary from person to person, and large errors occur; even when the same person performs multiple measurements, large-scale measurement errors often occur. The automatic image measuring instrument performs rigorous large-data calculations for primitive edge extraction, image scanning, data analysis, etc. through computer's more powerful algorithms, which can provide users with more automated and standardized operation steps and methods, avoiding manual operations. The human operation error of the image measuring instrument ensures the higher and more consistent measurement accuracy of the automatic image measuring instrument. Manual image measuring instrument has low efficiency and huge hidden cost. Leaving aside the loss of accuracy error caused by manual image measuring instrument, the following uses specific data to analyze the cost loss caused by measurement efficiency to the enterprise. On the surface, manual image measuring instruments are cheap and low-cost, and automatic image measuring instruments are expensive. The price has become a reason for attracting enterprises to choose manual. But when the comprehensive input cost of manual instruments and automatic instruments is known, the company may be able to calculate this account based on its own situation. On average, the measurement efficiency of an automatic image measuring instrument is 10-50 times that of a manual instrument, which is even more efficient in industries such as PCB and LCD. When measuring the same workpiece, if 1 unit time is required for automatic measurement, 10-50 unit time is required for manual measurement, and the manual imager will consume 9-49 times more unit time. If it takes 1 minute for an inspector to inspect 1 workpiece per day on average, taking 260 working days a year, it will consume 12740 minutes more in a year, that is, 212 hours and 26.5 days, which is equivalent to more than one month of working day time (in actual In this case, the company may inspect more than one workpiece per day). For more than a month, in terms of the rapidly changing market environment, the company may have missed an excellent opportunity to compete. Poor after-sales service for manual image measuring instruments. Poor after-sales service for manual image measuring instruments. This is the current status of the industry in the manual instrument market. Because it is a low-end product, manufacturers and distributors mainly rely on volume to survive, and do not have the energy to do after-sales service. Basically, they will repair the machine when the machine breaks down. If the manual image measuring instrument fails, it will be relatively difficult to repair. , And the accuracy is not guaranteed during use. The automatic image measuring instrument focuses on brand building and has perfect after-sales service. Jiateng Instruments will reply and propose solutions within 1 working day for customers' repair problems. If you need to solve on-site, arrive at the site within 3 working days. During the one-year warranty period, free maintenance is provided every quarter. Prevent customer problems before they occur, and truly ensure that the accuracy of the customer's use of the machine is within the factory accuracy range, ensuring the safety of customers' shipments. Under such a maintenance strategy, the wear and repair rate of the hardware will be greatly reduced, which also saves costs for customers.

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