Measuring instrument, projector, microscope_two-dimensional image measuring instrument measuring projector microscope technology

by:Sinowon     2021-04-26

Light source lighting: The light source lighting plays a vital role in whether the measured object can be seen clearly. When choosing the illumination, it must be based on the characteristics of the measured object itself (it must take into account its requirements for light, strong \ weak \Reflective, etc.) to select the corresponding lighting tools and lighting methods. If you generally measure the transmission of the projector microscope, oblique illumination cannot meet your lighting needs, we also prepare LED cold light sources, ring lights, single/double fiber cold light sources, etc. for you. Mechanical performance: When encountering some welding, assembly, inspection areas of larger integrated circuit boards and requirements for working distance, we can solve it through mechanical performance, such as universal brackets, rocker brackets, large mobile platforms, etc. With their performance characteristics, our inspection work can be completed directly through the bracket and platform when inspecting large objects. No need to move our measured object. For example: A company because the circuit board to be inspected is relatively large and requires slight oblique observation, the circuit board is difficult to move, and the inspection can only be completed by mechanical movement. The use of a universal bracket can meet these requirements at the same time. Optical performance: According to the observation requirements of the measured object, the problem of large magnification and large field of view can be solved by selecting different eyepieces and objective lenses. When only large magnification is required, it can be achieved by replacing the large magnification lens and objective lens. When a large field of view is required, it can be achieved by replacing the objective lens, reducing the eyepiece or changing the large field of view eyepiece. The two-dimensional image measuring instrument measuring projector microscope technology embodies the microscope microscope to solve the problem of fast positioning and moving the measured object for observation. After the two-dimensional image measuring instrument puts the measured object under the microscope, first adjust the magnification to the minimum, and the magnification image will be cleared when the image is clear. The test element is placed in the center of the field of view. Then gradually adjust the double-sided zooming handwheel of the microscope until the large magnification image is completely clear. If the component you are observing needs to be accurately moved and observed, a mobile worktable can be equipped, which can move vertically and horizontally, with a moving distance accuracy of 0.1mm. Video observation: When the optical magnification is not enough, the two-dimensional image measuring instrument can use the electronic magnification to compensate. When observing at the same time and hoping to be able to store and retain, we can choose the video. There are many video methods: A. It can be directly connected to the monitor B. It can be connected to a computer (via a digital CCD or analog CCD image capture card) C can be connected to a digital camera (different digital cameras should consider different interfaces and compatibility with the microscope )

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