measuring tool - handy everyday tool!

by:Sinowon     2019-12-29
In this project I will show you how to make the measuring tools I designed!
This tool can be used to measure all items of distance, time and level.
It also has a small lens to help you see the smaller things in your life.
You have three ways to produce this tool: I will include files for 3D printing and laser cutting.
I will also provide technical drawings of the measurements so that you can make them by hand if you want to do so.
Mine is 3D printed so in the picture you will find that version.
The last thing before I show you the steps is: this internal table was entered in the build tool contest, and if you like the project, please vote for it!
What you need should not be difficult to find, I will include a AliExpress link to where I get things from.
If you use something from other stores, please make sure to change the size in your work.
What you need: also the material you need to make the tool.
This can be 3D printed fill, wood, acryl or any material you want.
However, it also depends on what production method you will choose (
Look at the previous steps).
If you want to 3D print 3 main sections then the STL file is included below!
I printed mine with PLA, 20% filled, no support.
The 3D viewer below is not working properly, download the parts for the correct view!
If you want to make 3 main parts by laser cutting, then the DXF file is included below!
You need to cut the parts from 5mm thick material.
Otherwise the parts are not suitable!
Make sure to set the ruler line to sculpt instead of cutting.
In addition, you also need to drill the chamfer for the countersunk head bolt yourself.
Otherwise they won\'t fit.
If you want to make 3 main parts in another way, then the technical drawings are on top!
These drawings include all the dimensions required to make 3 parts yourself.
Please note that there is no chamfer size in the drawing.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below!
Step 1: place Part 1 and Part 2 at the top of each step 2: Insert the lens and level into position Step 3: place the hourglass in Part 3 Step 4: place parts 1 and 2 on top of Part 3. Step 5: fix all parts with screws.
Enjoy your own measuring tool and use it in your project!
If you make a picture and don\'t forget to send it, please vote for the build tool contest!
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