Mechanical attachers offer a variety of uses for

by:Sinowon     2020-12-26


Attachers are perfect for everything from hang tags of every kind to multipurpose in-store ticketing.However, the same attacher should not be used for all jobs! Department stores should invest in a family of attachers to ensure every need is covered and all products are protected.

Fine needles are best for delicate and woven fabrics,including silk and linen.General purpose needles should be used to attach retail labels to knit,cotton,cotton twill and corduroy.Heavy-duty needles are optimal for hard plastics,very thick materials and other items.

Your attachers will take a lot of punishment from employees;make sure the employees don't feel the same about the attacher!Always look for machines that are ergonomically correct,or your employees will experience hand pain and will not be able to complete their tasks.Also look for attachers that hold a large number of tagger tails.The more tagger tails that fit in the attacher,the less time employees waste reloading their machines.Make sure all of your attachers are easy to operate-if the employee cannot use the machine,it is a wasted investment.

Dry Cleaners

Increase efficiency at your dry cleaning business by keeping track of the with negligle damage to the clothes.There are a number of attachers made specifically for the needs of a dry cleaning business.They are more dependable than metal staples or pins and will stay put during the entire cleaning process.They will not create snags or marks in the clothing.Each of these specially made dry cleaner attacher systems will resist rust spots that could be created by a washer,dryer, iron or steam cleaner.

Horticulture Fasteners

Trying to attach pricing or descriptive hang tags to a plant can be difficult.Some fasteners will leave unsightly marks,while others-like string tags and wires-can be tampered with or removed completely.Attachers specially designed for horticulture will have the kind of tagger tail that is resistant to corrosion and strong enough to deter tampering.

The tags must be made from a strong material,such as 6/6 nylon, that will hold up in adverse weather conditions.The holes made by the attacher should be easy to clean and keep debris-free.

Meat Tagging

Heavy-duty attachers can be used to tag meats.The attacher must be made from corrosion-resistant materials,such as stainless steel.It must have several drain holes from which debris can be washed.The tagger tails also needs to be made from materials that have a good tensile strength.Since the attacher is made to penetrate meat,it should be strong and ergonomically correct to reduce employee injury.

Attachers are not just for the retail sales floor.They can be used for a wide variety of applications and across a number of different businesses.Find the right attacher for your business and you will be impressed by the results!

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