Microscope is a great discovery done by famous

by:Sinowon     2020-05-26
Optical Microscopes well known as Light Microscopes is basically a compound microscope consist of multiple lenses to magnify the images of specimen. These are not only the oldest form of microscopes but also the easiest and simplest of all other microscopes. It is simple and easy to use and manufacture the Optical Microscope. This is the most common Microscope used by a number of people today. It is used to observe various specimens in color. It helps to view the microscopic world around us. With the help of visible light and a set of multiple lenses it focuses the specimen and magnifies it about two thousand times. An Optical Microscope basically consists of one or two lenses of varying magnifying length which help to focus and magnify the images of the specimen placed on the lowest lens along with a source of light. A Simple Optical Microscope uses a lens which is fitted with a convex lens that helps to magnify the specimen, and in the Compound Microscope, there are two lenses adjusted such that the first lens acts as an eyepiece to visualize the specimen and the other lens is used to focus the specimen in order to get a magnified image. Optical Microscope also called the Light Microscope uses light under the specimen and enter the lens. You can see a number of things under the Optical Microscope like tiny particles, blotch or even a compressed sample. You can even observe and study small organisms, animals and plants with a low power resolution and specimens like bacteria, viruses can be examined by high power resolution. It has greatly contributed to the development in the field of medical sciences and biology. Our blood flowing mechanism, blood vessels, blood cells were all observed and verified under Optical Microscope. These are now commonly used to detect the dangerous cancer cells and hence help the doctors to start with the necessary treatment. It also helps to verify the presence of cervical cancer cell with the help of blood samples observed under the Optical Microscopes. The greatest advantage of using the Optical Microscope that one can visualize the virus and other microorganisms in their original and natural form without actually destroying them unlike electron microscope where the microorganisms are largely destroyed due to its mechanism. The cancer virus can be efficiently cultured under the Optical Microscopes. Under the Optical Microscope, these viruses had a peculiar nature to refract purplish red color with a monochromatic beam. Every micro-organism refracted totally different spectra with a unique coloration. With such advanced mechanism the Optical Microscope is widely used to detect the cervical cancer cells in its live natural state which further helps to cure this dreadful disease accordingly. Viruses of Sarcoma and Carcinoma with all forms could be professionally detected under Optical Microscope. These are the major uses of Optical Microscopes and what one can really see under the Optical Microscope is the structure of deadly cervical cancer cells and viruses in their live natural form! Thus Optical Microscope is a blessing in the field of medical sciences which has helped the advanced treatment of the deadly cancer possible. Enter into the amazing world of micro-organisms, see how these tiny viruses destroy you within with the help of Optical microscopes at Types of microscopes Get a proper treatment for deadly cervical cancer after detecting it under Optical Microscope at Cervical cancer diagnosis Learn more about microscopes and its enormous uses at under-microscope.com
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