Microscope technology is moving at an ever increasing rate

by:Sinowon     2020-05-29
The attractive price of the Vision-SX45 belies the quality and sophistication of the instrument. The Vision-SX45 has an impressive zoom ratio of 6.3:1 coupled with a 8 to 50 click-stop stereo zoom magnification, extra long working distance (up to 115 mm), and impressive depth of field. These specifications are comparable with those of many higher-cost instruments and provide first-class outcomes and optimized functionality for all inspection and rework tasks. Although the Vision-SX45 has been engineered for affordability, its flexibility and versatility are able to match many of its more expensive competitors. The instrument is available with a wide range of options and configurations to meet even the most stringent specifications. For example, a variety of options for microscope stands are available for the Vision-SX45, including a bench stand which offers optimum stability, a boom mount for increased working distances and greater versatility, as well as an articulated arm which is perfect for benches or work stations which require extended reach.It is rare that a scientific instrument is able to deliver on price, quality, and versatility; but the Vision-SX45 offers all three. The SX45 should be seen as the ideal investment for the budget conscious engineer or research scientist looking for a stereo Binocular microscope with high performance optics.
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